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Your Pets And The Grooming They Need

Pets have a special place in our hearts. In fact, they are basically our family members! Just like treating the younger members in our household, pet owners are responsible for their care – in terms of feeding, cleaning, wellbeing and medical needs.

Especially for furry pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and birds, grooming is an important part of animal care. Regular pet grooming will keep your pets in tiptop condition. Their fur (be it long or short) and their nails have to be trimmed constantly.

Grooming not just enhances the physical appearance of our beloved pets, it is also a way to observe if there are any physical changes that require medical attention – such as spots on the skin, lumps, bumps or hidden wounds.

Hence regular grooming allows owners to monitor the well-being of their pets so that owners can be relieved of unnecessary worries. Moreover, regardless of their age, most pets enjoy being pampered and groomed – just like us!

Possible Grooming Areas

On your pet’s facial area, the eyes and ears should be checked and cleaned periodically to ensure they are hygienic and healthy. Signs of dirty ears or eyes with discharge could easily mean that your pet is having discomfort in those areas and swift action is needed to prevent infections by parasites or spreading of fungi.

From the smallest rodent to the largest horse, their teeth could be brushed. They can even be given a gum massage for a healthier mouth and fresher breath.

Your pets’ nails should be cut and trimmed to avoid them growing too long. Long overgrown nails could get caught onto things, break off and cause severe pain to your pets. Like humans, long ingrown nails would sometimes grow into the flesh of their toes or paws, injuring the animal or causing it to bend into unnatural positions.

Different grooming techniques are needed to deal with different types, length, thickness and layers of fur coats. Brushing and combing help to remove dead hair, loosen tangles, distribute natural skin oils and remove coarse impurities such as food residues.

Grooming Supplies

Just like humans, pets need their own specific supplies, and even special products, especially if they are sensitive or are ridden with diseases. The basic cleaning agents used such as shampoo, dry shampoo and conditioner should be free from harsh chemicals and appropriate for the age and species of your pet.

There should be a spacious bathing area with clean water supply, buckets, bathing sponges and wash towels. There should also be a proper ventilated area for drying your pets after bath. To speed up the drying process, fans may be used for pets with longer and thicker hair/fur.

Other supplies include toothbrushes, pet toothpastes, ear cleaning solutions, cotton balls, brushes, combs, clippers, nail trimmers, nail files, safety scissors, parasite-control products and pet hair tying accessories. There must also be first aid products such as styptic powder on standby, in case the pets get hurt during the grooming process.

Professional Grooming Services

There is indeed a lot to remember, a lot to pay attention to and a lot to be done when it comes to pet grooming. At Pet Grooming Xpert, owners are able to have peace of mind, knowing that all our grooming services offered are done by certified groomers in the best manner possible.

Here at Pet Grooming Xpert, we provide only the most dependable and competent professional grooming services that are guaranteed to be of the highest standard. Moreover, only quality grooming products are used to care for your pets. There is even a spa, a salon and online shopping for your pets.

No doubt, we are your one-stop hub for comprehensive yet affordable pet grooming services in Singapore. So contact us to experience the expert grooming and pampering that we have prepared for your pets today!

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