Persian cat grooming

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Persian cat grooming

The Persian cat is long haired, carries two coats and requires professional grooming services to keep it clean, healthy, and elegant. The inner coat is short and denser, whilst the outer layer is longer and sparse in comparison to the inner one. Grooming the Persian cat includes a hygiene routine; cleaning the eyes, ears, teeth and clipping longer nails. However, much attention is given to its fur coat and the skin which is pivotal to its general well-being and health. Each grooming session will include a hygiene routine, physical examination and shampooing the coat.

Hygiene Routine

Each cat, despite its breed, ought to have a regular hygiene routine so that any health issues are combated early. A veterinary-approved tooth paste and brush is used to clean the teeth of the cat. The eyes are cleaned using separate cloths to prevent any infection transfer. Any overgrown nails are clipped and filed down into shape. Trimming the nails is important because it avoids scratches to those who meet the cat, scratches on property and stops any discomfort the cat may have from overgrown nails. The ears are also checked and cleaned gently to remove any dirt build up which will be inside.

Cleaning the fur coat

Cleaning the coat is done in stages to ensure that the coat will remain clean and fluffy. The initial step will be to work out the knots and mats in the coats. The knots are gently worked out, especially in areas such as the chest, where it gets greasy. A grooming powder is used to help with the detangling, and a scissors is used to trim away any damaged strands. The groomers use professional tool kits which comprise of scissors, brushes and clippers which will make grooming the Persian cat effective.

Shampooing and Rinsing

After the fur coat has been detangled and all knots and mats are done with, shampooing is next. A specially formulated shampoo for long-haired cats is used. The fur coat is lathered and left to sit. The shampoo is left for several reasons; to remove stains deeply and to restore dryness and matting. Fur coats usually become dry and dull due to diet issues. However, the specially formulated shampoo is effective in restoring the fluffiness and moisture. When the fur coat has been lathered, and let to sit several times, the rinsing is done. Rinsing is done gently yet thoroughly. Running water is used to ensure that all shampoo is gone. Leaving any slight shampoo will either cause skin itchiness or make the coat matte and dull again. When the rinsing is complete, drying is then done.


Drying a two-layer coat should be done effectively to avoid any moisture retention within the fur coat. A blow dryer at a low setting is used to dry out the coat. This is done using a brush at hand to ensure that tangling will not occur, and that both layers are dried out well. The shampoo used has conditioning properties so as the fur dries, a soft finish is guaranteed. On sensitive areas, such as the face or ears, the blow dryer is not pointed directly, but rather gently worked around. When the drying is complete, your Persian cat will be freshly groomed and clean.

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