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Hamster Grooming Singapore

The Furry Job

If you have a hamster as a pet, congratulations! Hamsters are by and large one of the most maintenance-free pets you can possibly own in Singapore, more so than your everyday dog or cat.

You can observe them licking their bodies day in day out, for a good reason – they keep themselves spotlessly clean while spreading their own scent for territorial purposes.

This means that as a proud and responsible owner of your precious hamster, you should avoid giving your pet a wet bath whenever possible.

Not All Hamsters Are Created Equal

However, the above advice does not hold true for all hamsters. Hamsters, like all animals, come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes their fur.

Hamsters with long fur are especially vulnerable to entanglement and debris of all sorts. Food particles, wood shavings, and other unwanted litter could get lodged in a hairy hamster’s fur throughout the day, and it would be quite troublesome to remove them.

Furthermore, hamsters which are less active as a result of old age or being a little on the plump side, could have overgrown toenails. The same goes for their teeth which, if left unchecked, could grow uncontrollably.

Caring For The Ultimate Self-Carers

Despite its reputation as a natural groomer, one can help a hamster in its daily cleaning job by giving it a dust bath. Place some chinchilla dust or dust powder for rabbits in the hamster cage, and allow your hamster to roll in it. Then, give it a quick dust-off with a soft toothbrush once it is through. Use new dust for each session.

As aforementioned, a wet bath is a bad idea as essential oils are removed from your hamster’s body and the risk of catching a cold is present. If push comes to shove, warm water and hamster-specific shampoos must be used. Remember to wipe your hamster until it is completely and utterly dry.

There are two ways to deal with overgrown toenails.

The first and the least invasive method is to place some sandpaper in a small area of the hamster’s home, such as in the hamster wheel or on the ramp. The more direct and effective way is to trim the nails manually using a small pair of nail clippers like the one used for kittens.

As for overgrown teeth, on the other hand, it is better left to the professionals to take care of them.

Here Is Where We Come In

Do all these seem a bit too much for you, dear owner? Are you questioning the “free” part of “maintenance-free”? Fret not, we are here to help you.

Here at Pet Grooming Xpert, we provide a multitude of professional hamster grooming services that will keep your beloved pet in tip-top shape – all the time. We have the right accessories as well as the appropriate expertise required for maintaining your hamster’s health.

Our friendly staff can teach you how to take care of your hamster like a pro and even throw in some free tips on giving love to your pet.

Contact us today, and rest assured that you won’t be disappointed with our excellent service!

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