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Trusted Bird Grooming

Bird grooming is essential because it allows the bird to be in a healthy and hygienic condition. Despite birds being able to survive independently in the wild, a domestic bird will require expert grooming services. This entails a hygiene check-up, feather care, beak trimming, nails trimming and a blow dry which will leave your bird clean and poised. The services offered are fundamental, yet each session is tailor-made for the specific type of bird.

Beak Trim

Trimming your bird’s beak is essential because if it is left to grow, it will become long and uncomfortable, resulting in inevitable damage. This is vital for birds which are in a domestic setting and cannot shed off their beaks naturally.

A clipper is used to delicately trim the beak, adjusting it to a size in which the bird can peck comfortably. Special care is taken to ensure that no chips or rough edges result from the trimming. To guarantee a seamless job, a gel is applied on the beak to protect and strengthen it.

Nail Trim

Nails trimming is one of the most outstanding aspects in grooming a bird. Besides being dangerous to allow a bird in a domestic setting to have large claws, the nails can also become uncomfortable for the bird.

First, a nail trimmer is used to clip the nails to an appropriate length which is comfortable and practical for each specific bird. Next, an emery board is employed to file down and smooth the bird’s claws back into shape. Special care is taken when trimming their claws, to ensure that the feet are not in contact with any abrasive and that no blood vessel gets clipped accidentally. As a precaution, styptic powder is kept on hand in the unlikely case of bleeding.

Feather Care

Feathers cover the bird’s skin, so grooming the bird’s feathers is crucial. This will allow the bird to have skin which is free from any fleas or ordinary dirt. It also leaves the bird with a fresh and endearing smell.

Feather grooming makes it easier for the bird to preen properly. Using special commercial detergents and a suitable bath, the feathers are bathed gently and thoroughly. After washing and rinsing the feathers, they are left to dry. The bird is given a blow-dry which is gentle to the bird’s skin, leaving the bird’s feathers clean and lush.


The legs and feet of the bird are cleaned gently and oiled. Oiling restores the bird’s feet and legs to a beautiful condition. This will prevent scaling and eliminate any rough skin on the bird.

Wings Clipping

Bird grooming involves clipping the bird’s wings when necessary. It assists in the training of the bird because full wings may make flight for the bird difficult. Special attention is given to clip the wings uniformly on each side.

Clipping can be either standard or cosmetic. Depending on the result desired, the clipping is done accordingly. Standard clipping is for restricting flight by clipping more of the primary wings. Cosmetic clipping is subtle and by trimming more of the secondary wings, still allows for flight.

Birds have diverse needs depending on their breed, and it is important that each bird is groomed accordingly. It is also important to identify which parts of the bird need more attention before bringing it in for grooming.

Beautiful & Healthy Bird

Enjoy seeing your bird in a beautiful, healthy, and hygienic condition by engaging our bird grooming services today! Our experienced team will diligently perform an extensive grooming of your bird, paying attention to its specific needs.

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