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Trusted Parrot Grooming

Parrot grooming is essential to keep a parrot poised, healthy and comfortable. A healthy parrot preens its own feathers constantly, but it requires expert grooming to cater to its overall hygiene. Nails trimming, wings clipping, beak trimming and feather care – especially when it is moulting.

There are many types of parrots, including parakeets, macaws, cockatiels and cockatoos. Each bird will require special care for its specific breed. Every grooming session is done meticulously, paying special attention to the parrot’s comfort, and making sure that it does not display any signs of an underlying problem.

Feather Care

An important aspect of parrot grooming is the bathing, which must be carried out properly in order to maintain moisture in its skin and feathers.

The parrot is bathed in a shallow dish using fresh and clean water only. Detergents are not suitable for parrots; water gets the job done properly and effectively. The parrot is gently cleansed and left to dry by itself.

While the drying takes place, a lamp is provided to help the parrot maintain a warm temperature. When thoroughly dry, the feathers will be clean and lush – giving the parrot a beautiful look.

Nail Care

It is essential to give a parrot proper nail care, which entails nail trimming. If the nails are too long, the parrot may find perching uncomfortable or it may develop feet problems. Parrot grooming services will clip the parrot’s nails to a comfortable length.

Unlike human nails, a bird’s toenail has a blood vessel and nerve in it (this area is called the “quick”). Special care is taken so that the blood vessels and nerves are not cut (with the nails) as this will cause the bird immense pain and bleeding. Styptic powder is kept on hand to immediately stop any bleeding if it occurs.


Moulting is the process of shedding old and tattered feathers, and replacing them with new ones. When your parrot is moulting, there are services offered which can make the process more bearable for the parrot.

The parrot groomer will mist the bird, as the moisture on its skin and feathers can bring comfort and alleviate the pain. Care is also taken to check if there are broken or injured feathers, and they are gently plucked away. A physical examination is also offered by an experienced groomer who will determine if a veterinary visit is urgently required.

Wings Clipping

Wings clipping is another aspect of parrot grooming which is essential. Care is taken to clip the wings moderately, to ensure that it does not fly away but also avoid causing frustration to the bird. The clipping can be either cosmetic or standard, depending on the owner’s desires.

Standard clipping will remove the primary flight feathers, giving the parrot a shorter flight range. Cosmetic clipping will target the secondary flight feathers, which will not affect the parrot’s flight. A proper clipping session will ensure that the parrot is left comfortably mobile.

Oiling & Gelling

For a well-poised finish, professional parrot grooming is concluded by oiling the legs, feet, and the beak of the parrot. Oiling the feet is vital to prevent overly rough feet which may crack, or feel scratchy on your skin. A gel is also applied on the beak.

When all the steps of the grooming session are done, your parrot will be clean, have lush and fresh smelling feathers, and be able to perch comfortably.

Expert Bird Groomers

Not confident of grooming your parrot yourself? Consider entrusting your bird to our reliable bird groomers. Our experienced team will offer your parrot a high-quality grooming session, and leave it poised and healthier.

Give your parrot a chance to be thoroughly groomed and pampered by our expert groomers. At affordable prices, our professional services offer your parrot nothing less than the best. Book an appointment with us today!


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