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Cat Grooming Singapore

Taking care of a cat is not just about feeding it with food, maintaining its litterbox and bringing it to the vet for shots. Although cats are habitually grooming themselves and can be seen spending a lot of time in that aspect at home, they can still use some grooming help from a human groomer. This is because cats are only able to groom themselves with their tongues and this leads to hairballs ingestion which can cause a myriad of health issues, particularly digestive problems.

A basic groom being done at the pet groomer on a regular basis can prevent over-ingestion of hairballs, keep your cat looking gorgeous while also keeping an eye on its health.

Shorthaired Cats Vs Longhaired Cats

All cats with fur need a good brushing to remove tangles and to detect the presence of cat fleas. The choice of combs and brushing techniques used largely depends on the breeds handled.

A shorthaired breed can make do with a fine-toothed metal comb running through its fur from the top of its head to the tip of its tail.  For a longhaired cat, a wide-toothed comb is used to comb through the knots and to remove any debris that may have been caught in the cat’s coat. A longhaired cat may need gentle brushing every day with a soft-bristled brush while twice-a-week brushings should be adequate for most shorthaired cats.

No matter how short is its fur coat, if your cat gets really dirty or is plagued with fleas or other skin parasites, baths are still crucial for its well-being and for good hygiene.

Before And After Grooming

Most owners send their pets to be groomed when the poor animals are at their worst. The little furry animal is not just dirty, but it may also be foul smelling, with messy, greasy and matted fur and long, sharp and filthy nails. At times, the unkempt nails may have chipped or torn away from the skin, leading to intense pain and bleeding. These happen as the period between two grooming appointments has been dragged too far apart.

Their ears may be full of waxy build-ups and their eyes filled with dried and/or slimy eye gunk. Their hindmost areas may be urine-drenched and caked with smelly dried faeces. In more severe cases, some poor cats may be unfortunate enough to develop flaky dandruff, skin illnesses or have become hosts to blood-sucking and disease-carrying fleas. What a sorry sight!

Let Us Groom Your Cats To Perfection

Cats are free spirits and may not tolerate being groomed by others. But rest assured that at Pet Grooming Xpert, all our professional groomers are cat lovers, talented and adept at handling your cunning feline. As a reliable and trustworthy cat grooming company, the entire suite of grooming services is undertaken with the cat’s welfare in mind at all times.

Combining competitive pricing with the highest quality grooming services, Pet Grooming Xpert should be the first port of call should your cat need to visit the grooming bar, the spa, the salon, or requires any pet product from the pet shop. Pet Grooming Xpert provides first class cat grooming services in Singapore, including mobile pet services at your convenience. So contact us now to book your appointment!

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