British Shorthair Grooming

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British Shorthair Grooming

The British Shorthair cat is an elegant and calm cat which makes a great companion. The cat needs grooming to ensure that it stays elegant and beautiful. It also needs grooming especially in the spring when it will be shedding its coat. The fur coat is short, dense, and fluffy. A typical grooming session would include a hygiene routine and shampooing its coat. It is essential to make grooming regular habit for a cat because it makes it more comfortable for the cat, and it also improves the general livelihood of the cat in a domestic setting. The grooming is done in simple steps, after ensuring that the cat is not startled and can ease in well into the session.


Hygiene for cats is essential. The British Shorthair cat is less active than other cats, but still must have a regular routine. Its oral hygiene is kept at bay by brushing the teeth with a soft brush and medicated tooth paste. This allows the cat to stay free of any oral infections. Cats are susceptible to periodontal diseases and gingivitis, which can be easily avoided by regular dental grooming.


The ears of the British Shorthair cat should also be cleaned regularly. When cleaning the ears using wet wipes, it is essential to check for mites. Excessive scratching may result in mites, so grooming will ensure that the ears are gently cleaned to keep them free of any irritants.


During a grooming session, the dead part of the cat’s nails is clipped away. These are the parts which would have turned yellow. Special care is taken to ensure that the nail root is not accidentally clipped away too.

Cleaning and Shampooing

Grooming the British Shorthair cat’s coat is relatively simple, as it is short fluffy. The first step is to comb the hairs by the hand. This will help distribute the cat’s natural oils, and work out any dirt which may cause small knots. The groomer then follows with a comb, combing out the hairs to ensure there is no tangling. After the cat is combed through, the coat is ready for shampooing. A specially formulated shampoo is used, being worked from the head to the tail. The shampoo is lathered several times, and gently massaging the cat at the same time. Clean, lukewarm water is used to rinse the cat. A thorough rinse is done, to ensure that no traces of shampoo are left.


The British Shorthair cat can be either dried using a towel or a blow drier. Despite the method used, the cat is dried gently, ensuring that it is comfortable, and that it is completely dried out to prevent moisture retention. When it is completely dried out, the coat is combed gently. Your British Shorthair cat will be now clean, fluffy, elegant, and ready to take home.

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