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Cat Bath Singapore

Domestic cats are wonderful pets to have at your home and they can be such a joy to have, except when you need to give them a bath. Bathing your cat can be quite the challenge and a stressful moment for both pet and owner. Their dislike of water may stem from the fact that their coats are more likely to absorb moisture rather than the opposite, which makes drying off much harder after baths.

Though bathing your cat will be required at some point, cats do groom themselves naturally with their tongue and teeth. This definitely makes grooming your cat rather straightforward, where regular brushing is all you need to keep them clean and comfy.

Why Bathe Your Cat Then?

While most cats are great self-groomers, the occasional bath is still necessary to keep their coat and skin healthy. Besides that, baths will also be needed if you find ringworms growing on your cats, and it may require medicated baths depending on the severity of the fungal infection. Flea infestation would also call for a bath, particularly if your cat has flea allergies or when you’re dealing with a very bad case of flea infestation. All in all, bathing your cat will be unavoidable, so you’d best be prepared for it!

Some Need It More Frequently

There are certain types of cats that may need more of your attention when it comes to bathing. For instance, obese cats are less mobile and it’s harder for them to reach certain areas of their bodies. This makes self-grooming harder for them and you’ll need to bathe them more frequently. Cats with health issues that affect their skin and coat will also need to be bathed on a regular basis to keep them clean. If your cat has long fur, then you can expect more grooming work to be done for them and frequent bathing will be necessary to keep their coat fresh and clean.

Too Much to Handle? Leave It to Us

There are things that you have to take note of for cat bathing, for example, you can’t bath your cat too often as it will irritate their skin and cause an itch. Using suitable shampoos and soaps will also be compulsory to protect their skin and coat. Bathing your cat can be quite a handful, especially if you don’t have the patience or any experience on it. Rather going through this stressful and aggravating experience on a regular basis, why not let professional pet groomers like us do it for you?

In Us You Can Trust

Pet Grooming Xpert is definitely one of the best when it comes to pet grooming services in Singapore. Besides having experienced professionals that are specialized in cat care, our facility is also top-notch and well-equipped to provide the best bathing experience for your cats. We guarantee that your cat’s bathing session with us will not only be stress-free, but also a rewarding and wonderful experience to remember as well. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and you can trust that we will handle your cat’s bathing with love and care.


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