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Cat Claw Trimming Service Singapore

For most cat owners, the question of how often and why should you trim your cat’s claws will always come to mind at some point. Cat claw trimming is usually required every couple of weeks to maintain good health and hygiene for your cats. If you leave them to be for too long, don’t be surprised to find scratches all over your sofa, curtains and other house furniture, simply because cats tend to do that when they get restless at home.

Trimming your cat’s claws will also be a great alternative if you’re considering declawing your cat, as declawing often leads to behavioural and health problems later on.

Start From Young

Like all types of pet training, it is best to start trimming your cats’ claws when they’re still little kittens. Not only will this help them get used to the whole trimming process, it will also ease any future struggles when clipping your cat’s nails. Even so, you’ll still do just fine without any early training for your cats, given that you’re familiar with the basics in cat claw trimming and experienced when handling them.

Basics In Cat Claw Trimming

To properly trim your cat’s claws, you can either use a guillotine nail clipper, standard human fingernail clipper or scissors-type trimmer. The clippers are easier to use for cat claw trimming and most would only resort to scissors-type trimmers if their cat’s claws are just too long for clippers.

To begin trimming its claws, simply squeeze its toe between your thumb and forefinger so that its retractile claw is exposed for trimming. There is also a nail on the inner side of your cat’s foot called the dew claw, which needs to be trimmed regularly to prevent it from growing into your cat’s foot.

Be Cautious And Precise

While trimming your cat’s claw, it is important to be mindful of the quick – a pink stripe located at the base of the nail. It contains blood vessels and nerves that will cause excruciating pain for your cat if you accidentally cut into them. Extreme caution and precision are therefore required while trimming your cat’s claws and if you’re not confident doing it, you can always seek professional help to do so.

We Are The Best In Town

If you are on the lookout for professional and experienced pet groomers to trim your cat’s claws, look no further because Pet Grooming Xpert is the one for you. We have among the most competent and skilled pet groomers there are in Singapore. With our passionate team, you can always expect grooming service of the highest quality for your cats.

We have rooms in our facility that are well-equipped and specifically tailored for pet grooming, ensuring your cats stay calm and happy while having their claws trimmed. Alternatively, engage our mobile cat grooming services and get your cats’ claws trimmed right at the comfort of your own home!

Get Them Trimmed Today

Here at Pet Grooming Xpert, our team of cat groomers are dedicated and ever ready to assist with your cats’ various grooming needs. Wherever you may be in Singapore, just give us a call and we’ll come right up to your doorstep to pick up your cats for some well-deserved claw trimming. Contact us to find out more about our pampering treats for your beloved cats today!

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