Cat Haircuts

It is true that a cat is easily frightened by hairdressing tools and its skin is terribly sensitive. So, it is best to just hand your cat to the cat experts.
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Cat Haircuts Singapore

Fancy A Fancy Do-over?

As you sit under the rebonding machine in a hairdressing salon, you may wonder why not give your cat the same luxury of a hair do-ever? A good proper haircut by a professional groomer serves to reduce matting and shedding, spark healthy growth of new hair and relieve your cat from the heat in Singapore. A cat with a thinner coat is easier to maintain and you will find less fur scattered on the floor of your home. If that doesn’t tempt you, just groom for the sake of the latest fashion and style! Make your pet stand out from the other cats like a diva queen it truly is.

So with that in mind, let’s move on to the many fabulous types of haircuts your cat can have:

The Simple Comb Cut

The most basic of all cuts, the comb cut essentially leaves ½ to 1 inch of fur on your cat while the rest is sheared off. As you may have guessed, this is a real breather to your cat, especially to if it has long hair to begin with. This cut promotes good hygiene and unveils any health issues with regard to the skin.

The Bold Lion Cut

If you own a long-haired breed such as a Persian, the lion cut may be right for you. Trimming or shaving all your cat’ coat save the head, neck, feet and tail, this cut will make your feline friend look like a majestic lion. That’s why it is one of the trendiest cut in town! Plus, the lion cut can also stave your cat off the heat and prevent excessive matting.

The Cooling Belly Shave

As its namesake suggests, the belly shave is performed by removing fur on the underside of your cat, including the hind legs, under the tail and the anal region. Generally for long-haired breeds, this cut serves to curb matting in the prone areas and also helps cats in self-cleaning, thus promoting good health.

The Practical Hygiene Cut

Exclusively functional, the hygiene or sanitary cut is just for hygiene’s sake. A trained groomer will trim the fur around the cat’s anus so that faecal matter will not adhere to the cat after it answers nature’s call in the litter box. This cut makes it easier to care for cats with long hair as well as overweight or old cats that require help to clean themselves.

Leave It To The Professionals

Due to the fact that a cat’s skin is terribly sensitive and a cat is easily frightened by hairdressing tools, it is best to just hand your cat to the cat experts. That’s where we come in. Here at Pet Grooming Xperts, a well-established pet com in Singapore, we provide the full range of services for all pets, be it a cat, dog or even a guinea pig. Besides haircuts, we can treat your pet to a spa, ear cleansing or nail trimming session. Our shop is mobile, so you just need to contact us to book an appointment and we will send our experienced groomers right to your doorstep.



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