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Cats are wonderful pets to have at home and they can certainly cheer you up after a tough day at work. In fact, research has shown that having pets like cats at home will not only help us relax and improve our mood, but they can even lower your blood pressure and stress levels by simply purring at you.

While it is no doubt that your cats can do wonders for your after-work relaxation, they still need to be pampered and cared for every now and then.

Cats Need Grooming Attention

Although most cats have a reputation for being rather independent and self-determined in the way they behave, they still need some attention for grooming care. Like most pets, cats have fur that will shed and accumulate as they run all over your house. Besides shedding, their fur may also become overgrown if left unattended for some time.

With the weather in Singapore being warm and humid all year round, regular trimming of your cat’s coat will certainly be helpful in keeping it cool and healthy. As for your cat’s nails, they are naturally curved and can grow inwards easily and become embedded in the paw pads if you don’t trim them regularly.

Grooming Experience Is Crucial

Any form of cat grooming in the hands of the inexperienced is certainly a recipe for disaster – for you and your cat. For instance, trimming your cat’s nails needs precision, patience and delicate handling so that your cat doesn’t end up with unwanted injuries.

Trimming your cat’s hair can also be a dangerous endeavour, especially if your cat is not the laid-back and calm type. Their skin is much thinner compared to dogs so there will be a risk of cutting into their skin if you’re not careful enough. This is exactly why most would play it safe and let experienced pet groomers do all the grooming work for them.

Make The Right Choice

While there are many choices for pet salons in Singapore, finding one that provides competent and comprehensive services for your cats’ grooming needs should be your priority. This is where Pet Grooming Xpert comes in. Our mandate is to meet all our customers’ pet grooming needs with service of the highest quality and efficiency.

The pet grooming services you can get at our cat salon include nail clipping, hair trimming and styling, ear cleaning, coat brushing, baths and many more. We value our customers above all else so you can rest assured that your lovely kitties will enjoy a wonderful time of pampering and relaxation at our pet salon.

Certified And Ready To Serve

When it comes to grooming care for cats, our professionals are well-trained and certified to provide top quality solutions for you and your cats. No matter what type of cat breed you may have, you can be sure that our professional groomers will know exactly how to provide the best grooming experience for them.

Should you have any enquiries with regards to our pet services, please do not hesitate to call or email us. Our friendly staff are ever ready to handle all your cat grooming needs.


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