Maine Coon Grooming

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Maine Coon Grooming

The Maine Coon cat has a long coat, which is one of the reasons why it requires professional grooming. The Maine Coon is friendly, which makes so it usually enjoys the grooming sessions. Grooming cats should be done regularly, and from a young age, so that the cat adapts to the process. It also allows health issues to be combated early. Each grooming session includes a hygiene routine. Special attention is given to the long coat; which reflects the cat’s health, cleanliness, and elegance. It is important to have the Maine Coon cat groomed all around, without neglecting anything.


It is essential to include an effective hygiene routine as part of grooming the Maine Coon cat. The teeth should be brushed with a veterinary-approved toothpaste and cat tooth brush. Brushing regularly will combat oral sicknesses such as gingivitis. Claw control is also important, to make it safe for those who are in contact with the cat, and protecting property from scratches. Cat claw clippers are used to trim and file down the nails into a comfortable size. The ears are cleaned gently to remove dirt build up. The eyes are wiped down to keep them clean. Each part of the cat is groomed to ensure that overall cleanliness is achieved. As the smaller parts are done, bath time for the entire fur coat follows.

Combing and preparation for shampoo

The Maine Coon has long fur, so it is prone to mats and knots. As part of grooming, the fur is combed gently using a fine-toothed brush. Any mats and knots are worked out gently, to detangle them. The combing is also done to evenly distribute the natural oils which the skin produces. If the combing is irregular, some knots and mats may be uncomfortable to remove for the cat. Hair balls may also form, which would almost be impossible to detangle. At the discretion of the groomer, a lion cut may be done to your Maine Coon cat. A lion cut is when the cat is completely shaved, to allow for new and softer hair to grow.

Shampoo and Drying

After the coat is brushed, it is gently shampooed. It is lathered and rinsed several times, to ensure that it is entirely clean. All the shampoos used are non-toxic because cats are self-cleaning as they lick themselves, so the shampoo must be safe for them. The shampoo is lathered from the head to the tail. A generous amount of lukewarm water is used to thoroughly rinse the cat. Once the cat is clean, it is then dried. Drying can be done by a towel or a blow dryer. Depending on the cat’s temperament, it is either towel-dried gently and let to air dry completely, or it is blow dried to prevent any moisture retention. When the drying is done, the cat is clean, fresh, fluffy, and elegant again.

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