Mobile Cat Grooming

You no longer have to worry about all the hassle of sending your pet for grooming. We can come to your aid, anytime, anywhere. Crowds, traffic, parking – begone!
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Mobile Cat Grooming Singapore

Your Cat Needs You

It is an age-old misconception that cats are adept at the art of self-grooming. This may be true for wild, undomesticated cats in the high mountains whose life is nothing but a game of “survival of the fittest”, the opposite is more applicable to modern household cats whose job is to provide companionship and love to a proud owner like you, much like a dog. While the fact that cats dislike water does have some ground, the same cannot be said to grooming in general, which encompasses brushing, combing, fur trimming, ear and nail care, and many more. The bottom-line? Your pet needs you.

No Time? Worry Not

As you dawn upon your responsibility as a new pet owner, you may wonder how in this hectic schedule of yours you are going to fit in all those maintenance work. You may have kids to look after, meals to cook, jobs to do, chores to complete, errands to run, and worse yet, traffic to wait in Singapore. How do you juggle your time if you add one or more pets to care for? The answer lies in Pet Grooming Xpert’s mobile cat grooming services.

A One-stop Solution   

You do not have to worry about all the hassle of sending your pet to the grooming shop any longer. Crowds, traffic, parking – begone! Let the grooming service arrive at your house while you tend to your everyday matters. Some of the benefits of the mobile cat grooming service include:-

  • A flexible schedule perfect for a busy working adult
  • No more beating around the bush to get your cat prepped and ready to groom
  • A highly-qualified professional groomer to tend to your cat’s every need
  • No more overhead costs such as petrol, tolls and parking fees
  • An healthy environment free from social pressure so that your cat has no reason to be afraid
  • More extra time for yourself and your family at home
  • A real time-saver by avoiding infuriating traffic jams
  • An inclusive pet pickup service specially made for your cat with the appointment tailored to your own discretion
  • Ample room for multiple pets of different shapes and sizes

Your Cat, Our Responsibility

We at Pet Grooming Xperts – a well-established Singaporean pet com – are happy to be of service to you and your cat. We offer an impressive range of products and services which includes a cat salon, cat bath and even a cat nail trimming service. And all at such a low price that will make your jaw drop!

 And don’t forget, we are mobile which means we can come to your aid, anytime, anywhere. This is most useful for larger animals like cats and dogs which may be slightly more difficult to budge than say, a hamster. Rest assured that your pet will be well taken care of by our team of experienced groomers and prepare to be amazed by how good your cat will look at the end of each grooming session. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to book an appointment, and we might throw in some free advice and consultation on the proper management of your beloved cat.



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