Ragdoll Grooming

Whether you own cute kittens or majestic cats, we handle all things feline, from the points of ears to the tips of tails. A royal treatment for your Ragdoll.
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Ragdoll Grooming

Human Lovers

The Ragdoll isn’t your stereotypical self-centred, aloof cat. On the contrary, this breed adores human attention and affection, much like your everyday dog. It even bears similarity to man’s best friend in terms of behaviour – you can train it to come upon calling and even play fetch. Gentle by nature, these cats are quite playful yet they tend not to jump on people. You don’t have to worry about accidental scratches since it retracts its claws most, if not all the time. In a nutshell, the Ragdoll is a friendly and docile cat with low preferences, ideal for a modern home in Singapore.

Carefree – Well, Almost

A Ragdoll can be one of four patterns, which are mitted, van, colourpoint and bi-colour. Combined with the different types of patterns and points, you’ll have a handful of possible coat combinations. Thus, it is rare to find two Ragdolls with exactly the same coat design. Regardless, all Ragdoll coats have a colour which is lighter on the body than around the “points”, i.e. face, ears, legs and tail. Blessed with a beautifully silky semi-long coat, the Ragdoll ranks quite lowly on the maintenance department as matting generally does not occur. Notwithstanding the occasional shedding, minimal grooming is required for this large breed.

Basic Care

A soft-bristled slicker brush and a comb with wide teeth are the only tools you require to groom your Ragdoll satisfactorily. Remember to brush to the roots of the fur and pay extra attention to matting-prone areas such as the neck, armpits and behind the ears. Brushing once a week is typically enough to remove dead hair and to stay away from hairballs. Similar to other pets, start grooming your cat when it is a kitten so that it is nothing new to your pet, instead your cat will come to enjoy the grooming process. Bathing your cat is an unlikely event since Ragdolls are known to be scrupulous to their own hygiene, whether indoors or outdoors. Should your cat gets some unwanted dirt or mud stuck in its fur, give it a warm bath followed by blowing it thoroughly dry.

Nail Needs

While it is true that most cats take care of their own nails, there is a risk of overgrowing, splitting and tearing of nails in household pets. This problem can be solved by giving your cat’s nails a trim. It is recommended to use special cat clippers because they are able to cut kitty claws at just the right angle to avoid crushing the nail. Keep in mind that you should only cut the translucent tip of each nail, never more.

Consult The Cat Experts

A well-established Singaporean com, we at Pet Grooming Xperts specialise in the grooming of all pets, your Ragdoll cat included. Whether you own cute kittens or majestic adult cats, we handle all things feline, from the points of the ears to the tips of the tail. We have variety of products and services that will guarantee to suit your cat’s every need, including a cat salon and cat spa. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and we might just throw in some free advice and food for thought.


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