Scottish Fold Grooming

Rest assured that your cat gets what it truly deserves – a royal treatment. Let your beloved Scottish Fold experience the best grooming service in Singapore.
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Scottish Fold Grooming

Owlish Pixie-like Teddy Bear

Those were some of the names given to the Scottish Fold over the years, and it comes as no surprise. With each ear folded downward and forward on its head, this breed is championship-worthy based on its adorable ears alone. But don’t be misled – the Scottish Fold can have either folded ears or straight ears on account of a mutation of a dominant gene involving body cartilage. All kittens are straight-eared at birth, and you will know which type of Scottish Fold you have when it is three to four week old. If you are lucky enough to get the folded type in Singapore, congratulations!

Sweet & Gentle

As for their personality, Scottish Folds are generally sweet and gentle in most situations. Sturdy and robust, these cats portray a calm disposition and a soft feline voice which matches their cute doll-like image perfectly. A Scottish Fold loves human affection and will provide good companionship like a silent angel. You have a dog at home too? Fret not, this cat goes very well with other pets, especially when raised together since it is a kitten. In a nutshell, you don’t have to provide much to this pet – just proper food, a clean home and love.

Grooming The Fold

You’ll be surprised to find that Scottish Fold coats are so varied and diverse, each coat different from the rest. Generally speaking, the Scottish Fold has a considerably dense coat, and can be categorised into short-haired and long-haired breeds. The former fares quite well in the maintenance department, only requiring weekly brushing and combing. Long-haired cats on the other hand, are more maintenance-heavy. They need to be groomed at least thrice every week, preferably every day. Optimally, start since young so that this routine grooming isn’t anything new to your cat. As strange as it may sound, your cat need not be bathed more than once a month lest essential oils are removed from its fur.

Fundamental Feline Hygiene

Due to the fact that the Scottish Fold is a domesticated cat, nail trimming is a mandatory routine that needs to be done roughly twice monthly. Be careful not to cut the pink region or else bleeding ensues. Teeth brushing is also a must for fresh breath and good health, much to your cat’s annoyance. Use only a vet-approved toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. The ears of a Scottish Fold are its prime feature, so you would want to keep it clean and free from dirt. This can be done using a specialised ear-cleaning kit made primarily for these soft teeny ears.

We Will Make Your Fold Gold

Does grooming sound a tad too much to handle all by yourself? We at Pet Grooming Xperts – a well-established grooming com – are here to give a helping hand. Our seasoned team of groomers will take care of all your cat’s needs and wants so that you can rest assured that your cat gets what it truly deserves – a royal treatment. With an eclectic range of products and services including a cat salon and spa, we have everything to make your cat clean and happy. Let your beloved Scottish Fold experience the best grooming service in Singapore. Contact us now and we can arrange pick up for your cat to our professional workshop.




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