Sphynx Grooming

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Sphynx Grooming

The Sphynx cat is characterised by a clear skin without fur and wrinkles on its body. With such exposure, it requires a strict grooming routine to keep it elegant, healthy and poised. Just like other cats, the Sphynx cat requires a regular grooming routine. It also requires its skin to be groomed so that it is in a good condition. Engaging professional grooming services is essential for the overall wellbeing of your feline.

Hygiene Routine

It is important to expose the Sphynx cat to grooming sessions from young age- so that as it grows it maintains a healthy outlook. Its hygiene routine would consist of brushing its teeth, clipping its nails, and wiping down the eyes and ears. Brushing a cat’s teeth is essential to prevent periodontal diseases and mouth infections. A veterinary-approved tooth paste and soft brush is used. When done regularly, the cat’s oral health will be in good condition. The nails of some cats shed naturally, but if they don’t, cat claw clippers are used to gently clip away any dead ends. The eyes are also wiped separately, and because it has no eyelashes, they can be dirty easily. The ears are checked for any irregular discharges, and are wiped down gently. Ears can often be an indicator of an underlying health issue, that is why cleaning the ears is an essential part of grooming the Sphynx cat.

Skin care

It is essential to gently clean the Sphynx cat’s skin to ensure that it maintains its moisture and suppleness. The skin is oily, so it is susceptible to issues like feline acne or bacteria build up. A gentle and mild pet shampoo is used, because most pet shampoos are too harsh for the Sphynx cat’s skin. The shampoo is worked gently into the skin, then lathered and rinsed. Rinsing is done with clean, lukewarm water. It is important to shampoo the skin gently, because if it is overdone it will cause an imbalance in the skin. The skin will be dried out, and as a defence mechanism, it will start over producing skin oils. When the washing is done, a warm towel is used to gently dry the cat’s skin. After the drying, your Sphynx cat will be clean, fresh, and ready to go.

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