Turkish Angora Grooming

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Turkish Angora Grooming

Grooming a cat is essential because it helps the cat stay comfortable, clean, and healthy. This will allow the cat not to pass any diseases to humans, or to contract diseases from other animals. The Turkish Angora cat must be groomed to ensure that its hygiene and health are maintained, and keeping up its elegant look. Each grooming session pays special attention to all the cat’s body parts- taking note if there are any concerns with the feline’s health. When grooming is done regularly, you Turkish Angora’s wellbeing and health is monitored, as any abnormalities are noticed early during the grooming sessions.

The skin and coat

The Turkish Angora has a single coat of fur, which has a silky texture. The fur is lathered and shampooed then rinsed in circular motion, to promote blood circulation and to also remove anything that may be attached to the coat. Several lathers are done to ensure all dirt is gone, but even more rinsing is done to completely remove any detergent which would leave the fur greasy and uneven. Mild detergents, water and gentle brushes are used, working the entire oat of the cat. The skin and fur is dried then brushed, leaving it fluffy, fresh, and clean.

Dental care

Dental care is vital for the Turkish Angora cat to prevent periodontal diseases. The teeth are gently brushed using a veterinary-approved toothpaste. Sufficient water is used for the rinsing. The tongue is brushed as well. The overall condition of the cat’s oral health is observed, giving recommendations for any veterinary visits as needed. Regular cleaning of the teeth is also essential given the cat’s diet, where it is exposed to different flavours and crunchy food textures.


Grooming the Turkish Angora cat entails grooming the eyes as well. The cat’s eyes are cleaned delicately, wiping off any agents that may cause eye infections.


The ears of the cat are checked for dirt and are cleaned gently. Grooming the ears of the cat is important for its overall health and wellbeing. This is because some infections start from the ear.


Clipping the nails is an important part of grooming a cat. The nails are trimmed to an appropriate size and filed to tone down any sharp edges.  This will prevent any scratches to those who interact with the cat, or any scratches on property. Care is taken to ensure that the nails are not too short, which would result in pain for the cat. The paws are gently cleaned and massaged, to ensure that the cat will be comfortably mobile.

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Our expert cat groomers will give your Turkish Angora cat a gentle yet effective grooming experience. We pay attention to detail, as your feline’s well-being and hygiene is our priority. Make grooming regularly part of your cat’s routine, and each session will be more comfortable. For affordable prices and great service, trust us for all your feline grooming needs. Your Turkish Angora will leave our workshop elegant, healthy, and hygienic.


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