Australian Shepherd Grooming

Does your Australian Shepherd need a trimming and grooming session today? Too busy with work to bring him to the groomers?
Pet Grooming Xpert has got you covered.

Australian Shepherd Grooming Singapore

The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog breed that was originally bred in the Western U.S. to herd livestock back in the 1840s. Nicknamed “the Aussie”, he is an intelligent, versatile dog that thrives when he’s given a job to do. He’s very energetic and needs to keep himself active always, rather than being a couch potato at home.

Understanding Your Aussie’s Coat

The Aussie’s medium length coat comes in a variety of colours such as blue merle, red merle, red, black or a combination of black, white and tan. Merle coats have patches of dark blotches against a lighter background and they tend to darken as your Aussie ages.

Colours aside, the Australian Shepherd’s coat is water-resistant, which keeps him comfortable even in the rain or snow. Your Aussie’s coat ought to have a healthy shine rather than a dull look, which could happen when there’s a lack of good diet or proper grooming.

Brushing Them Well

When it comes to grooming care for your Australian Shepherd, most of the work will be on dealing with his dead hair, as this dog breed sheds all year round. You will need to brush their coat with a slicker brush every week so that matting doesn’t take place, especially behind their ears.

Before any brushing takes place, always remember to moisten his coat first with diluted dog hair conditioner to remove any tangles. For complete removal of excess hair in your Aussie’s coat, an undercoat rake will certainly come in handy.

Other Grooming Needs For Your Aussie

A well-brushed Aussie will mean that you would only need to bath him when he gets dirty, which shouldn’t be more than a couple of times a year. Regular nail trimming is also essential for your Aussie, because if the nails are left too long, they may break or chip, causing pain to your dog.

Although Australian Shepherds are heavy shedders, a little hair trimming is still needed especially for areas near their ears, feet and tail. Not only will this keep them neat and tidy, it will also make it less likely for your Aussie’s coat to mat, tangle or get infested with fleas and other pests.

Let Professionals Do It For You

If you are not familiar with the grooming work needed for your Aussie or you’re just too swamped with your own work, then hiring professional groomers is definitely the best course of action. Out of the many options you may have for pet grooming services in Singapore, Pet Grooming Xpert is certainly one of the finest there is.

Our competent and skilful groomers pride ourselves in delivering quality and efficient service to our customers, no matter what their pet grooming needs may be. Not only that, our friendly staff and groomers will also make sure any pets that are entrusted to us will receive utmost care and attention in a stress-free environment.

Free Pick Up, No Additional Costs

Here at Pet Grooming Xpert, we understand that your time is precious so we’ll pick up your Aussie for grooming without any additional costs. No matter where you are in Singapore, just give us a call and we will come right up to your doorstep to pick up your beloved pets for grooming.

On top of that, our mobile pet grooming service allows your Aussie to receive immaculate grooming at the comfort of his own home. Simply contact us and our groomer will be there at your convenience.

So what are you waiting for? Treat your Aussie to a well-deserved grooming session today!

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