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Beagle Grooming Singapore

Snoopy by American cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, is the most well-known and well-loved beagle of all times.

In real life, the beagle is a loyal dog which is always happy, charming and easy to care for. It is known to be a relatively low-maintenance canine with a short-haired wash-and-wear coat. Historically, beagles were bred to be hunting dogs, and until today, are often referred to as “a nose with a dog attached.”

Keep Calm & Love Beagle

A beagle’s coat is dense, waterproof and weather resistant. It is a double coat of medium-length.  Although beagles have coats with simple maintenance requirements, their natural hunting instincts cause their coats to easily get dirty, smelly and messy.

Beagles are also mischievous active dogs that like to roll around, getting all sorts of outdoor grime onto their fur. The good news is that beagle hair is a lot shorter than that of many other breeds. With constant grooming, proper diet and plenty of exercise, you can maintain the appearance of a fit and happy beagle rather effortlessly.

Basic Beagle Grooming

Regular bathing and brushing is much needed to keep your beagle’s coat clean, fresh, shiny and radiant. Brushing will help get rid of loose hair and dirt and maintain a smooth healthy fur coat.

Nails should be trimmed periodically. It can be done with the use of canine nail clipper, pliers-type nail clipper, a nail grinder or one of those new battery-powered rotary pet-nail trimmers. Untrimmed nails might begin to curl inwards and become ingrown, impeding the dog’s mobility and causing much pain to the sensitive dog paws.

Paw wax can be applied to protect the paws, and to heal dry paw issues and as extra protection to the delicate area.  Basic beagle grooming also includes dental care that needs an effective canine toothpaste and a good quality 3-sided toothbrush.

Cleaning Snoopy’s Ear

Snoopy’s floppy ears are seen hanging down most of the time. This impedes air circulation, thus leading to the ears being prone to waxy build-ups and bad odour, especially since the beagle loves playing in water.

A gentle natural cleanser is always preferred to help dissolve ear wax and remove debris. It is best to use tea tree oil. Steer clear of ear cleaning products that contain alcohol or peroxide, which can cause the ears to sting.

A few drops of canine ear cleanser is placed in the canal before gently massaging the base of the ear. Then, use clean sterilised pieces of gauze to swipe out loosened wax, old grime and other filth from the inside of the ear.

Any long or excess hair have to be plucked from the ear before it turns into a breeding ground for bacteria, ticks and ear mites. Plucking can be done either with your fingertips or a small canine forceps tool.

Your Beagle Needs Expert Care

A professional grooming session with Pet Grooming Xpert is undoubtedly a better option as our groomers are all highly experienced and certified. No need to worry or take risk at home because when you send your beagle to us, be it a puppy or an adult, we groom her to perfection.

Pet Grooming Xpert extends all sorts of pet services to your beloved pets. Our trained personnel offer the best grooming to your kittens, puppies, bunnies and even guinea pigs, freeing you from the burden of doing so yourself.  Contact us today for more information or book an appointment with us now!


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