Bedlington Terrier Grooming

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Bedlington Terrier Grooming

Two Sides To A Bed

If you are looking for a calm, mild-mannered dog with whom you spend your time indoors, look no further than the Bedlington Terrier. Its size is miniature but it is not too fragile, ideal for a small room. But keep in mind that this couch potato can transform into a brave, borderline-hyperactive pooch when you let it roam freely outdoors. With its resounding agility and springiness, access to an open field where it can gallop to its heart’s content is required periodically.

It is very playful around its own family, yet reserved around strangers. This terrier breed sits well with other pets – cats or dogs alike – but can react a bit too energetically around running animals. Alert and intelligent, the Bedlington makes an excellent watchdog.

Lamb Lookalike

The Bedlington Terrier sports a cute curly coat which does not shed, unlike other dogs. This is due to the fact that the hair that does shed actually clings to the coat, meaning that you’ll find less hair on floors and furniture.

Sounds easy and low-maintenance? Well, hate to break it to you but this terrier is not one that takes care of its own image. In fact, its distinctive coat – a blend of hard hair and standing soft hair – calls for special treatment from a professional groomer in order to keep it in shape. What’s more, its face must be hand-scissored to achieve its unique appearance.

Neat And Tidy

Grooming must be done on a daily basis to remove clinging hair around their coats. Usually performed with a brush and a comb, this day-to-day routine can help to make your dog adorably lamb-like. Just as important is to have your terrier trimmed professionally every couple of months. This not only makes your dog look like a well-kept Bedlington Terrier, it also brings more comfort to your beloved one, especially in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

When it comes to bathing, the gentler the shampoo, the better. Conditioners are not recommended because they leave a residue which you can see on your dog’s sweet, lovable coat.

A check-up should be performed on each of your dog’s ears to make sure that there is no wax build-up nor any signs of infection. If present, a professional groomer is able to extricate the wax and even give the hairs in the ear a trim to curb infection.

Another good daily routine is to examine each nail individually for any unevenness which may cause discomfort to those tiny paws. Leave it to the experienced specialists to trim the toenails for fear of cutting too deep, causing the nail to bleed.

Consult The Professionals

Choosing a trusted professional dog groomer for your Bedlington Terrier can be quite a challenge. We at Pet Grooming Xpert believe that we are the right choice for your precious dog. Our environment is perfectly suited to groom your pet with the noise-level kept to a minimum.

Aside from giving your terrier its mandatory trim, we even provide premium services which include a spa treatment, styling and many more. Contact our friendly customer service now to book an appointment, and get tips on caring for your terrier at home!

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