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Caring for the world’s best herding dog isn’t easy. We have what it takes to make your dog fit for kings. Cleaning, brushing and trimming your Border Collie is what we do best.
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Border Collie Grooming

Your Typical Hardworking Farm Dog

You may have seen him and his smarts from family movies like “Babe” and “Hotel for Dogs”, or you may have read about him and his companionship in Jon Katz’s “A Good Dog”. Gifted with unlimited stamina, full of energy and unmatched work drive, the Border Collie is arguably the best herding dog in the world, more so than the Wheaten Terrier.

Classically bred to herd sheep, this dog can do wonders (it can even herd your household cat!). If you prefer a highly-intelligent and intense dog, and you are ready to provide ample time and space for his exercise cum training, this is the perfect dog for you and a great addition to your home.

The Makeup

The Border Collie comes in two varieties – smooth coat and rough coat – both of which have a compact double coat suitable for Singapore’s weather. The shiny topcoat can be either wavy or straight, and the soft undercoat is a good heat insulator.

The smooth coat variety comes with a shorter coat and has a sleeker appearance. Its texture is coarser and has minimal feathering.

On the other hand, the rough coat variety sports a thicker coat which is about average lengthwise. It has feathered hair on both of its front legs, hindquarters, belly and chest. This type requires more brushing to avoid the build-up of dead hair.

To Groom Or Not To Groom

Generally, this breed sheds its fur all year round, but the shedding increases noticeably during transitions between dry spells and rainy seasons.

When it is hot and humid, your dog basically keeps its undercoat as thin as possible – in order to avoid overheating but still giving it ample protection. This means it will shed a considerable amount of hair during these times of the year, so vigorous and frequent brushing is necessary.

Some owners think that leaving their pets in their heavy fur coats is bad for their health, so they would get their dogs shaved down to the skin. This is a very bad idea for dogs with double coats, since the hair will never grow back the same way again.

Maintenance For The Workaholic

Brushing at least twice weekly is a must for the Border Collie. A matt ripper should be used to split and remove any matts, followed by the removal of loose hair and tangles by using a slicker brush, a pin brush or even a wide-toothed comb. Take note of the areas around the collar, ears, pasterns and hocks, as these spots are infamous for tangles to appear.

Keep bathing to a minimum so as to avoid washing off natural oils. It is important to keep ears clean and check that there is no nail that is too long. Frequent and thorough brushing of teeth can maintain dental hygiene and improve your dog’s overall health.

Specialists Of Collie Care

Need some expert help in grooming your Collie? We at Pet Grooming Xpert provide a myriad of pet services, ranging from basic cleaning to giving your dog a good trim. For the latter, we skilfully shape the body according to its natural contours, edge each ear with special thinning shears, and keep pads, feet, hocks and pasterns neat and tidy.

Sounds professional? Yes we are! Feel free to contact our friendly customer service and book an appointment with us. We can even arrange our trusted groomers to pick up your pet for grooming. How awesome is that?

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