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Borzoi Grooming

Looks Like A Dog, Acts Like A Cat

Originally bred to hunt rabbits, foxes and even wolves in the Russian wilderness (hence its other name the “Russian wolfhound”), the Borzoi is tall, slender and athletically-built. This lean member of the Hound group must be allowed to vent its natural chasing instincts periodically, ideally by means of lure chasing in a large open field. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is as much a dog as the Borzoi gets (compare this to the terrier, and you’ll know why).

Apart from puppies, dogs of this breed are docile and quiet in nature, perfectly suited to live in a small home (such as a HDB flat or a smaller apartment) in Singapore. It prefers to lay majestically on the couch and tread lightly across the marble floor than to yap loudly at everything that moves. Thus the fact that your dog has a mind of its own is nothing new, and this is a sign that it tends not to obey instructions in a slavish manner. Sounds like another common pet you may own? (Hint: The one with 9 lives.)

Elegant Aristocrat

Despite their considerable height, Borzois always carry themselves with grace and poise, lifting their long heads and tails high wherever they go. Their coats come in a variety of patterns and colours, namely white, red, brown and black or a mixture of two. Flat and silky, sometimes with a tinge of curl, the coat is composed of two layers – the long topcoat and the soft undercoat. The latter is often shed to prevent overheating, especially in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

The Borzoi also has a thick frill of curly hair around its neck and some wisps of extra-long hair on its tail and hindquarters. A Borzoi’s diet should ideally consist of real food (i.e. real chicken, fish, beef, etc.).

Grooming Your Russian Wolfhound

The Borzoi’s double coat is prone to matting and tangle formation, hence brushing is required at least twice weekly. Groomers recommend the use of a pin brush and a metal comb to remove tangles and smoothen the coat, especially around the neck and hind legs. Stubborn mats can be extricated using baby oil and gentle brushing.

A good aspect of your dog’s coat is that it repels dirt and water, so this means frequent baths are not needed. Once every 3 months is usually sufficient. Remember to use a gentle pet shampoo and rinse thoroughly thereafter.

Giving The Tsar A Trim

Routine trimming is necessary for dogs like the Borzoi. Besides reducing matting, a proper trim can keep flea and mite infestations at bay. Begin with the shoulders and move towards the tail, whilst always being aware of sudden movement. If you’re not too certain of yourself, you should leave this to a professional. This applies to nail trimming as well. The rest is just basic care – regular brushing of teeth and cleaning of ears – to promote good health and comfort.

Take Counsel From The Professionals

We at Pet Grooming Xpert are dedicated to serving your dog’s every need. With an eclectic range of accessories and services to choose from, we believe we are the right ones for your Borzoi. Our trusted groomers are no less professional and they have the much-needed experience to ensure maximum comfort for your beloved pet.

So don’t hesitate, feel free to contact us now and we will arrange our skilled groomers to pick up your beloved Borzoi for grooming.

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