Briard Grooming

Grooming and maintaining the tidy appearance of a Briard is no child’s play. Without proper care and grooming, a Briard’s coat can get so matted that it hairs becomes a solid pelt, it would need to be shaved down.
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Briard Grooming Singapore

The Brave Briards

Briard is named after Brie, the French region near Paris. This breed was initially developed as herding and guarding dog. For centuries, loyal Briard guarded and herded sheep in rural France. They even acted as messengers during both world wars. It was in battle time that they were needed to search for injured soldiers and guarded the encampment perimeters. In consequences, many of these noble canine heroes became casualties of war. Briards were honoured as the official dog of the French army.

A Loyal Protective Guard

Briards are brilliant working dogs possessing a strong protective instinct and an excellent memory. To date they are actively involved in police work, search and rescue and even military training. In reality, Briard just loves nothing more than to be with the people he loves and will protect them with its very own life. If you own a Briard at home, you are very fortunate as Briard is an incredibly intelligent, compassionate breed of dog is often described as “a heart wrapped in fur”.

Big Shaggy Teddy Briards

In modern day, Briards make good family companion because they are relatively easy to be trained and eager to please their human family. A Briard is a big, gloriously handsome indoor dog who will thrive well in properties with sufficient room for them to roam. It will do even better with owner that can be committed to weekly grooming. This is due to the fact that the dog has a large luxurious wavy coat with distinctive appearance of bushy eyebrows and shaggy beard. This needs regular maintenance through proper grooming.

Bathing And Brushing Briard

It is no secret that the Briard needs extensive grooming. Bathing and brushing such a big hairy animal is much more complicated and difficult that bathing and brushing ourselves. For one, human has very little body hair but a Briard has double coats of hair all over its back and body. The lush undercoat is fine while the course outer layer is falling in waves over its agile body. It needs real effort to get the dog wet and clean thoroughly under all those hairs and to get it dry thoroughly afterwards.

While human only have to deal with hair on our head, Briard needs to deal with hair long hair cascading down from its upright ears, framing its face with a heavy beard and fast growing hair which sometimes obstructs vision, as well as hair irritating other sensitive region especially the sanitary area and between footpads.

Grooming Briard Is Our Expertise

Grooming and maintaining the tidy appearance of a Briard is no child’s play. Without proper care and grooming, a Briard’s coat can get so matted that it hairs becomes a solid pelt, it would need to be shaved down. A poorly groom dog is not only unhygienic with a poor appearance but may cause injuries and high risk of infections to the dog. Thus, it is best to leave Briard grooming with us at Pet Grooming Xpert, Singapore.  We use the best grooming techniques and new pet products. We have experienced and certified groomers to tends to every need of your pet, cat and dog alike. Please contact us to get more information from our friendly staff.


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