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Brussels Griffon Grooming Singapore

The Brussels Griffon originally hails from the streets of Belgium, where they were bred to hunt down rats and mice. Their flat face, prominent chin and large eyes have drawn comparisons with Wookie creatures from the movie “Star Wars” and even earned themselves the nickname of Monkey Face. Though they are small and cuddly, the Brussels Griffon is tough, athletic and far from your average pampered pooch at home.

In the present day, the Brussels Griffon is definitely more popular as house pets rather than hunters. They are very affectionate, cheerful and lively dogs that just love to snuggle with their favourite person. They are however, quite demanding and needs an owner that’s willing to spend quality time with them on a regular basis.

Knowing your Griffon’s Coat Type

The Brussels Griffon’s coat comes in red, beige, black or a combination of black and tan. There are basically two types of coat that a Griffon may have – a rough coat or the smoother variant known as Petit Brabancon.

Brussel Griffons with rough coats have wiry and dense fur that tends to be slightly longer around their eyes, cheeks and chin. This is a total contrast to smooth-coated Brussels Griffons that have a glossy, straight coat with shorter fur lengths.

Keeping ‘Em Tidy

When it comes to keeping your Griffon clean and tidy, the rough-coated variant is definitely harder to groom. Weekly brushing is a must to keep their coats neat and tidy while hand stripping is required twice a year.

Hand stripping involves the removal of loose or dead hairs from your Griffon’s coat to allow new coat growth while maintaining his coat’s colour and wiry texture. As this can be a very delicate procedure, seeking out professional help is often the best course of action.

As for smooth-coated Griffons, grooming is much more straightforward and easier, where only weekly brushing and the occasional bath will be necessary. Having said that, they’ll still shed regardless of whether they are smooth-coated or rough-coated.

Other than coat maintenance, teeth brushing and nail trimming are also important steps that you have to take note of while grooming your Brussels Griffons.

Opt for Professional Help

When it comes to pet grooming, it can be quite the hassle to do it yourself and you may not even have the time to get to it on a regular basis. With life in Singapore already so demanding as it is, you can certainly do with some help with your pets’ grooming.

Here is where Pet Grooming Xpert comes in and you can bet that we have the best there is when it comes to pet grooming. Our groomers are certified, experienced and well-skilled to provide first class grooming for your beloved pets.

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