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Bulldog Grooming Singapore

The bulldog originates from the fighting dog breeds. In the past, they were bred and used in battles in Britain. At the time of the popular bull fights, these British fighting dogs were selected for their particularity to attack the nose of the bull and hang on without loosening their grip.

The bulldog breeds owe their heritage to the Bull and Mastiff type of dogs of indefinite origin, but years of selective breeding has modified the Bulldog gene pool into being clearly distinguished from the Mastiff. Some of the popular modern bulldog breeds are the English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Victorian Bulldog and American Bulldog. All breeds have smooth, short coats.

More About The Bulldog

Bulldogs possess a hard and ferocious expression which makes people view them as guard dogs. As such, the bulldog is often associated with being tenacious and aggressive, but then again in the presence of loved ones, they are in fact very docile with a light-hearted temperament.

Their sweet temper complemented by their high tolerance to pain make them good-naturedly tolerant with children. Nevertheless, this has its own drawback as bulldogs will often not complain if they are ill or injured, or when suffering from pain, hunger, thirst or other physical problems.

Thus, the owner has to be alert and must be fully responsible when it comes to the health and wellbeing of the animal. Luckily, this can be done easily with consistent grooming and regular visits to the vet.

Clean The Wrinkles

The trademark for a bulldog is its wrinkle-covered face. We all love how adorable it looks with the wrinkles on its nose and muzzle. Nonetheless, within the floppy folds of heavy wrinkles, bacteria and grime build up rapidly, causing bad odour and infection to develop over time.

Each fold of the facial wrinkles should be lifted up to ensure proper cleaning. Wipe it with medicated pads and dry gently. Be very careful when handling this area as the skin between the folds is extremely delicate and sensitive.

Medicated powder, baby powder or starch could be applied to keep the area dry. On the contrary if the area is too dry and flaky, some moisturising ointment such as baby oil should be used.

Basic Bulldog Grooming

The bulldog loves a nice warm bath and enjoys regular brushing. Since they shed all year round, a good brush is able to facilitate shedding and prevent matted, unruly and lumpy fur from forming.

Bulldogs are prone to bad breath, so dental hygiene must be incorporated into the basic grooming procedure to prevent bacteria and food remnants build-up which can cause serious dental issues. Remember to use canine toothpaste for teeth brushing.

Other basic grooming measures include ear cleaning, eye cleaning and nail trimming. Cleansing should be done using veterinarian-approved products which have been proven safe for dogs.

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