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Cairn Terrier Grooming Singapore

Originally developed at the Isle of Skye in Scotland, the Cairn terrier is one of the oldest terrier breeds out there today. Featured as Toto in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, the Cairn terrier is plucky, confident, high spirited and up on his toes in everything he does.

The name “Cairn” was given because Scottish farmers used to have them chasing and hunting after vermin between the cairns, which are stone piles marked as ancient Scottish memorial sites. Their role as hunters was primarily down to their tenacity, courage and alertness towards their surroundings.

He’s A Terrier-fic Companion

The Cairn terrier is certainly one terrific companion to have at home; he’s sensible, friendly and always tries his utmost best to please his owner and family. Despite having a tough and independent nature, he is also known to be sensitive and gets hurt easily. Thus kind, positive training is the best method to teach this little fellow.

Fun-loving and good natured, he loves basking in the attention from his loved ones. Another plus point about the Cairn is that they are friendly, cheerful and love playing with the kids. Despite their small size, they are tougher than they look, and able to withstand the occasional roughhousing with your kids.

Keeping Your Cairn Clean & Tidy

The Cairn terrier has a double layered coat that comes in various colours such as red, brindle, black and grey. Compared to other dog breeds, the Cairn’s coat is rather easy to groom. A weekly brushing will be sufficient, while a bath every three months or so will keep him  decently clean.

Due to the coarse texture that is characteristic of a terrier’s coat, frequent bathing may soften it and affect his physical appearance. Your Cairn terrier’s coat also needs the occasional trimming every four to six months just to trim off the edges. Teeth brushing and nail trimming will also be necessary to give your Cairn terrier an overall clean and tidy appearance.

Too Busy? Find Professional Help

Though grooming your Cairn terrier at home can be a manageable task, finding time to do it is a whole different story, given the hectic lifestyle in Singapore. Rather than squeezing pet grooming into your busy schedule and doing a haphazard job, why not let the professional groomer do it for you?

Finding a competent and reliable grooming service provider in Singapore is of paramount importance, and Pet Grooming Xpert certainly fits that description. From spa to salon, we have all sorts of pet grooming services available at affordable and competitive prices. Here at Pet Grooming Xpert, we always strive to provide first class service to all our customers. We want to make absolutely sure that your pet grooming experience with us will be a memorable one.

Grooming With Love & Care

When it comes to pet grooming, love and care are two aspects that simply cannot be ignored. A trip to the groomers should always be a session of pampering for your pets so that they will remember it as a rewarding and positive experience rather than one that incites retaliation.

Our staff are friendly, caring and will make sure your Cairn terriers receive the love and care they deserve while we groom them into shape. Hurry, book a pampering session with our expert groomers today!

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