Chow Chow Grooming

The Chow Chow is not an ordinary dog thus it is unsurprising that it needs extraordinary grooming service which we at Pet Grooming Xpert are confident of providing.
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Chow Chow Grooming Singapore

Knowing Your Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is one of the oldest recognisable types of dogs which originated in Mongolia, China. They were used for hunting, herding and guarding temple grounds in the past.

In modern Singapore, Chow Chows are heavily coated coveted dogs which are hard to miss because they look a lot like big puffy teddy bears with lion-like manes.

Chow Chows are available in many colours (5 main colours) and can have 2 coat types – the rough coated and the smooth coated. The rough coated variety has a coarse outer coat with a soft dense undercoat. The hair is thicker around the head and neck, forming a mane. The smooth coated variety has a dense smooth outer coat with no obvious ruff or feathering.

Chow Chows Like To Look Good

Unlike other dogs, Chow Chows are inherently clean and have very high opinion of themselves. They like to look good, but looking good for such a big dog requires hard work, effort and expertise. Regular professional grooming is the best way to maintain their lordly appearance and attitude. Remarkably, their rich thick double coats do not require extensive trimming. But they do need a decent amount of brushing followed by basic grooming to keep this majestic animal healthy and happy.

Brushing A Chow Chow

This breed is well known for shedding heavily and needs regular brushing to prevent matting and tangles, and to remove any large mats or dead hair clumping together. Spraying the coat with a coat dressing before brushing prevents static, hair breakages, and makes grooming much easier.

Next, different grooming tools such as pin brushes, slicker brushes, coarse combs, fine-toothed combs and medium combs can be used on the outer coat, the undercoat and various body areas.

Trimming A Chow Chow

The Chow Chow’s hair has a dual function of protecting the dog from the heat and keeping it warm in the cold. Trim the hair around the bottom area for good hygiene. Keep the hair short at the ankle area for neatness.

Dogs with huge coats generally require routine trimming in the facial region to keep overgrown hair from getting into their eyes, ears and nose. This keeps them cool and helps them stay comfortable. Trimming with the flow of the fur around the tail, paws and chest makes your dog look tidy and smart.

Basic Grooming Procedure

A coat full of filthy, old, dead and shedding hair could not function well to provide insulation as it packs down next to the skin, trapping dirt, heat and moisture and preventing air circulation. Bathing and cleaning can prevent this problem. It is important to bath and blow dry Chow Chows thoroughly. Any soap residue left in the coat from insufficient rinsing is a leading culprit for health problems in Chow Chows. The most common being huge, itchy oozing sores called “Hot Spots”.

Professional Dog Grooming Services

The Chow Chow is not an ordinary pet thus it is unsurprising that it needs extraordinary grooming service which we at Pet Grooming Xpert are confident of providing. We have the most experienced personnel and the best quality grooming tools and equipment. Thus pet owners are welcome to experience our tiptop services with our skilful professional groomers.

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