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Want your dog’s nails done but not the potential associated drama? Worry not, our professional groomers at Pet Grooming Xperts can lend you a helping hand.
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Dog Manicure Singapore

Glam Slam

Before you break out a hearty laugh, yes, there is such a thing as a dog manicure. Don’t wave it off as a luxury limited to the rich and well-to-do just yet. A dog manicure is part and parcel of a proper groom and can enhance your pooch’s appearance many fold, making it cuter than your fluffiest toy. In Japan, the “nail dog art” is even a fashionable trend followed by dog lovers and enthusiasts alike. We daresay this trend will pick up steam in Singapore as well. When your dog’s breathtakingly beautiful fur and perfectly polished physique are not enough to make you drool over it, it is time to call for a nail do-over.

Is Your Dog Manicure Ready?

As per usual, basic maintenance includes trimming your pet’s nails so that it is always short and tidy. However, this can sometimes prove to be a Herculean task, especially for less-cooperative dogs which are sensitive to prolonged human touch. Your dog must be able to sit down and stay for no less than half an hour, and must not be easily bothered by noises. The best way to get your dog to acclimatise and reach Zen mode is to handle its paws since it is still a puppy. In that way, your pup is not new to being touched at its paws and will make the manicure process a whole lot easier.

Manicure Paraphernalia

You will need these things to perform a complete manicure procedure on your beloved dog: an electric file, a hairdryer and a dog nail polish. The last one is recommended as opposed to normal human nail polish, as it may cause an unwanted health hazard to your dog. As for the electric file, a good one should file down and polish the nails while smoothening out uneven edges. The use of a hairdryer is a no-brainer – it shortens the time to dry, thus saving you from all the squirming and thrashing coming from a bored, unhappy dog.

Help Is On The Way

A prolific owner may not be a competent groomer. Want your dog’s nails done but not the potential associated drama? Worry not, our professional groomers at Pet Grooming Xperts can lend you a helping hand. We specialise in all-things pet, from basic care to expert grooming, from cleaning each ear to trimming your preferred style of coat. We offer the full range of products and services, including and not limited to pet salon, spa, training and walks. You are more of a cat person than a dog person? We have that covered, as well as service for all pets.

Good-looking Nails Need Not Wait

Whether or not you want coloured nails with polka-dots, it is important to have your dog’s nails kept clean and tidy to prevent occurrences of clumsy falls, torn nails or worse yet, broken toes. So why not give your dog craftily cute thumbs and glamorously gilded toes? Contact us now to book an appointment, and we might just throw in some free home grooming advice especially for you.



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