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Pamper your dog with baths and treatments by bringing it to our dog spa! You can let it relax, relieve its stress and give it a beautiful coat so why wait?
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Stress Is Bad

Has your dog or cat been stressed out lately? Has it been restless and agitated? Is your dog’s immunity down? Does it have any skin problems?

Like humans, dogs and cats have emotions too. However, unlike humans, they can’t convey it properly as they cannot talk. We as pet owners can normally identify if our pets are under stress. If your dog’s immunity is down, it will be prone to diseases. Furthermore, skin problems may cause your dog’s coat to look unhealthy and unappealing.

Don’t we want our pets to be well rested, happy and healthy?

Not only that, it can be stressful for you and your pet during bath times at home. We are pretty sure that you have unpleasant experiences when you were about to bathe your dog. Running around to catch it for a bath or having water sprayed towards you when it tries to dry off its body are common problems. Messy, isn’t it?

What Goes Down In Spas?

Humans have spas to relieve their stress and boost their immunity. Now, dogs have their own spa too. Other than grooming services, our dog spa also offer spa treatments, baths, massages, facials, paw pedicures and brush-outs. There are also exercise equipment especially for your dogs so they can exercise and stay fit and healthy.

Before starting, your dog will be given a room for its treatment. You can choose what kind of spa treatment you want for your beloved pet. Some of the spa treatment programs are to treat skin problems, heavy shedding, stress, elderly pets, overweight pets or for general relaxation. This will be given after pre-treatment consultation with our professional spa partners.

Besides that, other treatments include deep conditioning, cleansing tear stain treatment and whitening treatment. These are all uniquely tailored for your dog. Your dog’s comfort and aesthetic will definitely be ensured.

Health Enhancing Baths

Dr. Katie Kangas, an experienced professional in this field said, “A bath is an underutilised tool for maintaining skin health.” It is indeed correct. With all the bath services offered these days, your pets can be free from a lot of skin diseases. It can be both a prevention and a cure. Isn’t it like hitting two birds with one stone?

You can opt for herbal bath if you want your pet to bask in the scent of herbs. Furthermore, you can send your pet for a mud bath. You might not know it but mud detoxifies your dog’s skin. Mud removes toxins and dirt from your dog’s skin and replace the dead skin cells with nourishing minerals. Your dog’s immunity can be immensely boosted.

Uniquely Tailored For Your Pet

Love and care are what we always stress upon when dealing with your pets. We believe that through love and care, your dog will get the best service.

Our experienced spa partners are dedicated to our profession. Hence, we treat every pet as if it is our own. As we want every pet and pet owner to have a satisfying experience, we recommend spa treatments and packages that is uniquely tailored to each pet.

Besides that, we only use products of good quality. Your dog’s fur will definitely shine with the products that we use. We are confident that we can groom your dog to perfection.

Why Wait?

After a visit to our shop, your dog’s coat will definitely shine and its skin health will improve. You will be able to take it out for a stroll along the streets of Singapore without being ashamed or embarrassed. Contact us today for a soothing spa experience! You can also check out our other services that are offered for your pets.



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