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With Pet Grooming Xpert’s dog training school, you will discover that dog training classes do not have to be costly, difficult or boring.
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Dog Training Singapore

Proper documentation regarding formal dog training can be traced back to the 1900s. At that time, most dogs have heavier duties than just being loyal companions. They were part of the responsible members of a clan, a tribe or a family, tasked with important duties.

They were assigned to provide personal protection to humans, to guard properties, to assist in hunting, to herd livestock, to rid households of vermin, to pull sleds and carts, and to locate lost people. The animals were all rigorously trained to perform their respective tasks in order to render more efficient services. However to date, the duties of dogs have changed a lot, having progressed to fulfil the demands of modern society.

Importance Of Dog Training

In Singapore, many dog owners have the misconception that dog training classes are luxuries where pet owners need to put in money, time and effort to train their pets to obey commands and to teach their dogs new tricks. Most would avoid these lessons, disagreeing with the use of heavy-handed punishment-based techniques. But many do not realize the real significance of training their pet dogs, no matter the breed.

When a puppy or a dog is brought back home, owners are bringing back a companion to live with for a very long time. Since they are of a different species, owners have the obligation to help them adapt to their new environment and also to find a method to observe and learn more about their pets in order to create the best possible co-existence arrangement.

Reasons To Train Your Dog

Training is all about helping our beloved companion fit into the human community, and for us as owners to understand their needs better. Every dog needs to be taught and trained in order to live successfully in a domestic environment, simply because living in the human world comes with its own set of pressures for our canine friends.

A good trainer can teach our dogs basic manners, life skills and appropriate demeanours which contribute massively in building positive relationships, increasing sociability and preventing behaviour problems in them.

Dog Training With Pet Grooming Xpert

The best time to start training your canine will be at the puppy stage, but still, it is never too late to send an adult dog for training.

Pet Grooming Xpert focuses on training your dog to be a well-mannered yet pleasurable companion. We strongly believe that each dog is a unique individual and training must be done with methods and tools which are humane, gentle and operative.

We are proud that our certified trainers and training components can provide your pet dog with mental enrichment and physical exercise that effectively prevents the development of anxiety and other stress-related behaviours such as destructive chewing, excessive barking and aggressive display.

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With Pet Grooming Xpert training school, you will discover that dog training classes do not have to be costly, difficult or boring. We promise that our services are agreeable to both owners and pets alike. At the end of the day we are confident of helping you in the training of a well-behaved, reliable and obedient dog.

Besides strengthening the bonding between owner and pet, obedience lessons also reduce the chances of your dog posing a risk to others or becoming a public nuisance.  The bottom line is – dog training truly benefits everyone.

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