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Remember, your canine companion depends on you to achieve a composed, healthy and happy life. Don’t let him down.
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Dog Walking Singapore

A decade ago in 2006, Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) in Singapore received the registration of 47,000 pet dogs. Fast forward ten years, there is a rise of 32% in that figure, totalling up to 62,000 dogs registered in 2016.

Due to the laws enforced by the AVA about the sizes of pet dogs allowed in HDB flats, it is no surprise that Singaporeans’ number one favourite canine breed is the Shih Tzu. The second most popular is a mixed breed, followed by the Terrier, the Maltese and the Miniature Schnauzer, all of which are fairly small sized dogs. Nevertheless, dogs of all breeds need their regular walks for learning, entertainment, mental stimulation and a healthy workout.

The Benefit Of Dog Walking

Regardless of their breed, size, gender, age and your time availability as their owner, dogs are natural athletes and they need their daily exercise to thrive as balanced healthy animals. Walking your dog is a physical activity that will maintain your pet’s frame, keeping it agile, as well as keeping its weight under control. Consistent exercise helps to maintain its muscle tone, prevents muscle wasting, alleviates arthritis and keeps other degenerative joint diseases at bay.

Don’t Skip That Dog Walk

In addition, regular walks are able to aid in curbing any of your pet’s destructive habits such as constant chewing, digging all over your nice little garden, knocking over objects or excessive scratching. Such destructive behaviour is caused by the pent-up energy in pets which have been kept at home all day. Walking your dog can help to release this extra energy, calming it down by reducing any restlessness, hyperactivity and over-excitability.

Here Comes The Challenges

You can anticipate your dog’s needs, such as food, rest, play and exercise, but you can’t always predict your own schedule. Sure, you can plan ahead but there is always a chance there might be extra tasks at work, impromptu meetings, traffic jams, last minute errands, spontaneous plans or some unexpected events.

Working and living in our fast-paced world nowadays, it is perfectly understandable if you find it difficult to squeeze in half an hour’s walk for your dog daily. Consequently, this is where we at Pet Grooming Xpert can help you by providing the ideal service for busy pet owners.

How We Can Help?

We can walk your dog for you. Basically, we offer to take on all the challenging areas of owning a dog and leave you with a happy animal. Let us know if your dog or puppy needs a purposeful walk to relieve itself or if it needs one of those mentally stimulating walks. A training walk or an exercise walk.

Upon special request, we are even capable of teaching your dog good leash manners and train your dog to obey basic or advanced obedience commands. How do you want your dog to react to cats, birds, rabbits and other animals? Dogs are not born knowing how to walk on a leash, but we are experienced in this area and can coach your dog to follow a lead.

Get Your Dog Walker From Us Today

Remember, your canine companion depends on you to achieve a composed, healthy and happy life. Don’t let him down. Contact us now at Pet Grooming Xpert to engage our professional dog walking services and we promise to care for your dog like our own.

All our reliable dog walkers are highly experienced in keeping an eye on your dogs while we allow them to stop to sniff and investigate the sources that may pose as threats, or pause to mark a spot as their territory. We recognise that dogs gain knowledge of the world through their noses and we are happy to guide them while they learn and explore.

So hesitate no more! Contact our professional dog walkers today!


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