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Golden Retriever Grooming Singapore

The Popular Pet

Golden Retrievers have always been one of the top three most popular dog breeds in the United States. These friendly dogs with their wonderful personalities, pleasant demeanour and heightened intelligence are one of the finest breeds to be welcomed into the homes of many Singaporeans today.

Goldies’ willingness to give their undivided attention to their owners, as well as their eagerness to please and bond closely with their own people, makes them wonderful well-loved companions.

Everyone Loves The Golden Retriever

People just love these canines. They are friendly with humans and are known to demonstrate a sweet, loving nature towards other animals such as cats and rabbits. No matter the situation, they can be relied upon for great company.

Their gregarious nature when paired with a high level of obedience, makes golden retrievers a versatile breed. Pet owners have no reason to doubt or worry about their golden retriever’s ability to obey rules or to learn a new command. In fact, these dogs are very smart and easy to train, excelling in both basic and advanced obedience training.

Lustrous Coats Of The Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are able to adapt to a variety of diverse living situations and climates, thanks to their distinctive, rich, lustrous fur coats, which come in all shades of gold. They have beautiful double coats which require human help to groom in order to be maintained in tip-top condition.

The golden fur coat not only acts as a characteristic feature of the breed, it also helps to insulate the dog from the cold and heat. Additionally, the dense outer coat is water-repellent and enables our four-legged friend to swim easily.

The Golden’s thick coat needs lots of grooming. They are heavy shedders, hence daily brushing is highly recommended to remove any loose hair and to prevent tangling.

Importance Of Proper Grooming

Just like humans, dogs must be regularly bathed and groomed to help them stay clean, fresh and comfortable. A clean dog will keep parasites at bay and will not track grime, dirt and mud all over the house. A clean dog will smell good and will not turn off other people during social interactions.

If the fur coat is damp, matted and full of old stains, it will get sticky and rub against the skin, causing painful abrasions which will lead to irritation and infection. Grooming is the ultimate solution to the joy and wellbeing of a dog.

Get Professional Services

Grooming your Golden Retriever is not simply about bathing and coat care alone. It also consists of multiple different tasks that need to be performed with caution and precision. These range from basic nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing to keeping the skin free from fleas, wood ticks and other potential parasites. If the dog has been involved in many outdoor activities, it will be even more tricky to groom and clean it thoroughly.

We Have The Best Groomers

Feeling overwhelmed already? Fret not! Pet Grooming Xpert provides professional help to keep your golden retriever neatly groomed at all times. Our trusted grooming services will leave your dog looking like a champion. We even have luxurious spa and boarding services that will let your pet indulge like a king.

Keep your golden retriever in good shape, pink of health and full of happiness with our pampering sessions. Stay on top of grooming by contacting our expert groomers now!

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