Great Dane Grooming

At Pet Grooming Xpert, our professional groomers are highly qualified to handle a dog of this size and we guarantee a clean, healthy, noble Dane fit for a king.
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Great Dane Grooming

Gentle Giant

The Great Dane is truly a magnificent dog. With its imposing size and weight (an adult can weigh a whopping 80 kilograms!), the Great Dane is easily among the largest dog breeds in the world. It can knock down furniture with one swing of its tail and can even topple you with one pounce – hence the need for teaching puppies never to jump on people from a young age.

Despite its frightening stature, the Great Dane is one of the sweetest, most good-natured pets around (it won’t chase your cat if trained correctly). Most of the time it just wants a cuddle or some playtime, and its calm demeanour makes it easy to house train. However, due to their massive size, they need a lot of space just to move around, hence Great Danes are not suited to live in an apartment or a small house.

The Make-Up Of The Behemoth

The coat of a Great Dane can come in a myriad of colours, be it black, blue, mantle, brindle, fawn or harlequin, or a combination of two colours. It is short and smooth. Shedding occurs moderately, no more than other short-haired breeds. However, you may find more hair on the floor just because of its larger size, hence a larger coat. But worry not, you won’t get matting problems and daily brushing is not necessary (but why not?).

Grooming For The King

As aforementioned, the Great Dane requires little effort to groom – it is usually enough to use a soft bristle brush to quickly remove trapped dirt once per week. Regular brushing is effective in spreading natural oils evenly in the fur, resulting in smooth, silky skin and a healthy, polished look.

Fortunately, bathing is only required on an as-needed basis. Imagine having to wrangle this mammoth in a tub every day! Frequent baths do not work well in this dog’s favour – it strips the coat of its essential oils, leaving it dry and unsightly. Keep in mind that if you brush your Great Dane regularly, chances are that it does not need a bath – except in the case of a mud roll.

Essential Care

The Great Dane is not any different from other dogs when it comes to basic maintenance. Nails must be kept short for a variety of reasons, namely comfort for your dog, safety considerations for the owner and to avoid scratches on furniture and floorings. Trim each nail with a clipper or better yet, a nail grinder made for dogs.

Also as important is to give each ear a once-over to help remove any nasty infections and debris. Given the gargantuan size of its ears, it is a good idea to do this at least once every week. Teeth brushing should be performed regularly to maintain good periodontal health and to give your dog a fresher breath.

A less favourable alternative is to give your pet a completely raw dog food diet, where all the gnawing can remove tarter and plaque. Begin from young, and you won’t have the trouble of your dog refusing to eat this new diet.

We Are The Dane Experts

You can rest assured that all the needs of your Great Dane will be met at Pet Grooming Xpert. Our professional groomers are highly qualified to handle a dog of this size and we guarantee a clean, healthy, noble Dane fit for a king. We offer a wide variety of products and pet services, including an all-exclusive spa for your dignified pet.

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