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Husky Grooming Singapore

Over many generations, Huskies are selectively bred as working sled dogs to pull sleds over long distances in cold harsh weather in the northern regions. Thus, they have a thick double-coat which sheds lightly all year round.

The undercoat provides insulation while the top coat protects from harmful UV rays and should not be cut short. Shedding is a natural process to lose old and/or damaged hair. Once or twice a year, the dogs will shed their entire undercoats, a long process which can last up to six weeks and leave clumps of fur around your home.

It is impossible not to groom a Husky, hence their owners have to be willing to invest time, money and effort for their regular maintenance.

Knowing Your Husky

For sled dogs, there are the Alaskan Malamute, Alaskan Husky and Siberian Husky. It might be tricky to spot the differences between them but generally, the Alaskan Malamute is the tallest and heaviest among the others.  It is one of the oldest and most powerful among the breeds of northern sled dogs, armed with a strong instinct to prey and a great built to pull heavy sleds.

While the Alaskan Malamute only has brown eyes, the Siberian Husky can have brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes or even parti-coloured eyes. The Siberian Husky is smaller boned than the Malamute, having a smaller head and less broad of a shoulder. It is only able to pull light loads but it has more speed.

Both the Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky are purebreds and recognised by the American Kennel Club. On the other hand, the Alaskan Husky is a mixed breed bred with other canines, thus they varied in their appearances.

The Importance Of Husky Grooming

Many people view pet grooming as some dreaded chore, but it is actually part and parcel of keeping your beloved pet in top condition, essential for its health and happiness.

Dogs only perspire through their paw pads so they are always glad to receive help in getting rid of the extra hair in summer to prevent heat stroke. Even Husky puppies go through a major shedding process once they reach ten to fourteen months old, when their fine puppy hair is shed and replaced by the coarser hair of an adult dog.

Regular grooming sessions should be done at least once a week to keep your Husky’s thick coat clean, healthy and silky smooth.

Regular Maintenance Grooming

Basic grooming starts with a warm bath and a blow dry to encourage fallen hair to drop out easily.  Brushing removes the fallen dead hair and enables quick re-growth.

Without consistent brushing, especially in the wet months, matting of the coat takes place and this utterly destroys the insulating properties of the undercoat, leading to a Husky that could not keep itself warm. Therefore, it is extremely important to brush its coat vigorously, following the way the hair grows, including the belly and the area underneath the tail where mats often hide.

Once the brush outs are complete, the groomer should trim the hair and nails meticulously before proceeding with ear cleaning.

We Are Husky Groomers

In Singapore, we at Pet Grooming Xpert offers you professional grooming services for your Husky. Our caring and qualified dog groomers will pay attention to the minutest details. Our comprehensive services even include additional items such as flea inspection and pet spa.

Furthermore, all the services are reasonably priced and are open to a wide range of household pets – dogs, cats, rabbits or guinea pigs. Call us now to book your appointment with our competent groomers and experience the best that we have to offer!

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