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Not just a mop lookalike, the Komondor marches forward with great dignity. We will make sure your dog’s white corded coat stays clean, tidy and parasite-free.
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Trusted Komondor Grooming

The Magnificent Mop

As close as its resemblance to your everyday cleaning tool, the Komondor is a noble, protective and independent breed worthy of respect and love. Its selfless nature takes centre stage, thus it is unafraid to jump on any strangers or other animals (including and not limited to the cat).

With its amazing strength and surprising agility, it is often touted as too much of a dog to handle (many more fold than your everyday terrier), reserved for only the most responsible and dominant of owners. The preferable environment to raise the Komondor is a large, spacious property not in close proximity to neighbours – quite the trouble in the narrow confines of Singapore if you choose to own one.

True Colours

The Komondor has a one-of-a-kind coat that covers its muscular physique. A puppy will have soft curls which begin as lumps of hair, which then grow heavier and thicker as the puppy matures, eventually becoming long cords that look a lot like the strands of a mop. As an adult, it is completely white (except for its black doggy nose), with a soft undercoat and coarse topcoat.

Grooming 101

“Tedious” does not even begin to describe the grooming process for this breed. Cord formation commences when the puppy is less than one year of age. During this process, it is imperative that its hair is kept dry and clean to prevent discolouration. Upon completion, cords must be separated regularly so that matting does not occur. Brushing is a big no-no as this damages the hair, preventing them from cording properly.

To bathe a Komondor can be quite a headache by itself. First off, you should only use a high-quality dog shampoo designed for white-haired dogs. Rinsing must be done as thoroughly as possible to avoid soap residue.

Then, apply conditioner to the fur, and rinse it all over again. The conditioner aids in removing sticks, grass and loose debris from the mangled mess. Once clean, it is very, very important to dry it completely – a process which may take the whole day even with a hairdryer. Prepare to repeat everything every two weeks to a month, depending on how much dirt and debris get stuck in your Komondor’s fur.

The rest is nothing new, just basic maintenance for good health. Check ears regularly for any signs of wax, then clean them with a cotton ball and a cleanser approved by a vet. Brush teeth on a weekly basis for healthy gums and fresh breath. Examine each nail every month, and if necessary, trim them. This becomes all the more important if the dog stays indoors most of the time.

Leave It To Us

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