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Maltese Grooming Singapore

If you own a Maltese dog, be a very proud owner because your pet is one of the most ancient of the toy breeds. The Maltese originated in the Isle of Malta, a tiny island off the coast of Italy.  Their history can be traced back to at least two millennia ago, making this lively and playful companion an aristocrat of the canine world. In addition, this relatively small adorable breed has been immortalised by writers, poets and artists in the early great cultures of Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

Popular Pet In Singapore

Maltese are popular among Singaporeans as tiny companions or lap dogs that do not need a lot of room or space. It is widely believed that this breed can only be found in pure white colour. But purebred Maltese dogs can actually hold other colours as well, notably a light tan or a very soft yellow shading at the ears region. Interestingly, their bellies are most often solid pink or spotted.

There is only one Maltese breed but it is closely related to four other breeds, namely the Havanese, Bolognese, Coton de Tulear, and Bichon Frise.

Maltese – The Long Haired Beauty

The straight, silky and pure white coat of a Maltese is so stunning that it invites people to touch and pet it. It reaches all the way to the ground and is continuously growing. Unlike most dog breeds, Maltese do not possess undercoats and are light shedders.

However, their long hair can grow into the area around the ear canal. These hairs have to be hand plucked regularly to allow air to circulate and to prevent ear problems, as Maltese are drop-eared dogs. This process can be quite tricky and we recommend you leave it to the certified professional groomers.

Fundamental Grooming Procedure

Besides excessive hair in the ears, Maltese coats form clumps and dirty easily. All the mats have to be skilfully and patiently removed prior to bathing your Maltese as mats tend to clump tighter in wet conditions.  This can be done with your fingers, detangler spray and a special comb to loosen individual hairs.

Bear in mind to blow-dry the little Maltese carefully after each bath at the appropriate heat setting, and give your beloved pet a good brushing thereafter. These dogs have very light coloration, thus they are prone to unsightly face staining with tears that need delicate cleaning.

Nails need to be trimmed twice a month to prevent painful tears, chipping and other problems. Teeth need to be brushed daily to avoid plague build-up.

Why The Maltese Needs Professional Grooming?

If you are not experienced or confident of grooming your dog at home, we recommend engaging the services of a professional groomer. You do not want to hurt or scare your Maltese, as your startled dog may develop negative memories about the grooming experience and become difficult, fearful or uncooperative during the next session.

Professional groomers have the expertise to provide pet services such as cleaning, caring and grooming for your Maltese – skilfully and efficiently, without hurting the animal in the process. In fact, your dog will definitely enjoy the whole grooming experience. What’s more, with our very convenient mobile pet grooming services, he can even get pampered at the comfort of his own home!

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We at Pet Grooming Xpert have top notch facilities, top grade equipment and a team of professional groomers to groom your Maltese into good shape, better health and an exquisite appearance that will please both the owner and the pet.  Contact us for the most comprehensive pet services for your doggy and enjoy a whole new pleasant experience – for your beloved pet and yourself!

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