Pomeranian Grooming

Grooming is required to maintain your Pom Pom in best health condition but you do not have to do all the tedious and hard work yourself.
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Pomeranian Grooming Singapore

Adorable Little Pom Pom

It is common to hear the toy breed Pomeranian being fondly referred to as Poms or Pom Pom. These tiny bundles of joys come in a wide variety of solid and tanned colours, most commonly appears in orange and black. Infrequently, you might see sable, blue, brown and white with coloured markings, called parti-coloured. They might appear health-meltingly adorable but don’t let their cuteness fool you as these small dogs are feisty, bold, independent and very much curious about the surroundings.

Awesomeness In Small Package

Amazingly, adult Pom Pom only weighs somewhere from three to seven pounds in average, but this lively little dog has a personality a thousand times the size of Singapore! They have a mind of their own and in their minds, they are much larger than they really are, hence the ‘big dog’ attitude.

Needless to say, this sometimes lead to them being overambitious to the extent of harassing or attempting to attack larger dogs and animals. Depending on the situation, it could be entertaining to witness or it could be real danger thus owners have to train their Pom Pom from young for proper social behaviour.

Ideal Pet In Singapore

If you have a Pom Pom, you would readily agree that they are friendly, intelligent, energetic, vivacious and loyal to their human families. Their natural charisma and craving to please and protect their owner makes them one of the most popular breed of pet dogs in Singapore and in the United States.

This playful furry housedog is well-suited for human companionship, being extremely responsive to training and adapt in no time in your home. It also makes excellent pet for people who do not have a lot of room in their houses.

The Cute Coat Of Poms

Your Pom Pom has profuse double coat that stands out from its body with a luxurious ruff around neck and chest. This coat needs regular cleaning and brushing to upkeep its sleek appearance.  Despite their small size, grooming your Pomeranians can be tricky because now every body part is smaller and calls for extra skills and attentions in order to not miss any part and not cause any injuries to your delicate Pom Pom while the groomer groom it to perfection.

Rule To Successful Grooming

The rule to successful grooming is regularity. With regular grooming, your dog is maintained in a clean and neat condition. It is also less likely to develop health problems from being from being unhygienic. For example, without bathing and coat brushing, Pom Pom can develop serious fur mats which are tedious to remove and often damaging the coat in process. In addition, regular grooming act as simple basic health check and instil a habit within the pet itself so it is able to cooperate during the service and even enjoy them.

Talk To A Pomeranian’s Professional

Grooming is required to maintain your Pom Pom in best health condition but you do not have to do all the tedious and hard work yourself. Simply send to us at Pet Grooming Xpert. We welcome your pets and treat all kind of dog breeds and cat breeds with love and passion. Our range of professional services are wide, including ear cleaning, teeth brushing, pet salon and pet spa. Contact us and give your pet a chance to be impressed by our top-rated services.

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