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Poodle Grooming Singapore

Poodles are rated as the second most intelligent breed of dogs. It is also one of the most popular purebred dog breeds for house pet, especially among female owners.

They are known for being energetic, elegant and fun-loving. Due to the versatility of their fur coats which can be clipped into various fun designs and patterns, they become even more adorable and entertaining.

Despite its rapid-growing fur, the poodle is actually one of the most hypoallergenic and lightest-shedding breed of all coated breeds. This means that compared to other breeds, the poodle sheds less fur and produces less dander that could trigger allergic reactions at home. However, its long coat requires constant maintenance, thus making it a high maintenance breed.

Challenges In Poodle Grooming

Regular grooming is important for most dogs, all the more for poodles. This breed comes in three categories based on size, namely the Standard Poodle, Miniature Poodle and Toy Poodle.

Grooming for all categories of poodles is recommended, but it can also be complicated and challenging at the same time. If not groomed via appropriate approaches, its hair can quickly become matted, which will then affect the poodle’s appearance and well being.

Unmaintained and unkempt fur will bring on many health issues, especially those related to the skin, coat and even teeth.

In addition, being an emotionally sensitive breed, the poodle can turn hypersensitive and acquire separation anxiety in less than comforting conditions. It can be easily startled, flinches when touched unexpectedly or gets aggressive with an unfamiliar groomer.

Basic Grooming Procedure

A poodle needs regular clipping every 4 to 6 weeks. Clipping should start from the head and face.

Extra care must be taken when removing hair from beneath and around the eyes and ears. Then continue clipping down to the neck and shoulder areas before starting on the rest of the body such as the belly, the tail and all four of its feet.

Various clipping designs can be experimented on the poodle, with the most famous ones being the Bikini Clip, Puppy Clip and Continental Clip.

After the initial clipping, bathe the poodle and dry it thoroughly before trimming its nails.

During the blow-dry, the fur coat will also be brushed. Brushing is crucial to ensure a tangle-free coat while aiding in the distribution of the skin’s natural oil. It also increases blood circulation, prevents fur matting and simply makes your poodle feel great. This is also a good time to give it a skin and nail health check.

Once done with drying and brushing, the coat will be trimmed again to remove any stray hair and to put on the finishing touches. Last but not least, delicate cleaning of the poodle’s ears is carried out.

Choosing A Professional

Rest assured that at Pet Grooming Xpert, our highly proficient and qualified groomers will make sure that your dog is attended to efficiently. Our grooming area has controlled noise level and great cleanliness to ensure minimal distress for our furry clients.

We love and care for your poodle as if it were our own and provide only the best professional grooming service that is second to none in Singapore. Our services are comprehensive and priced affordably.

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