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Pug Grooming Singapore

The pug is the largest dog breed within the toy breed group as registered in the American Kennel Club. It originates from China, serving as a cherished companion to Tibetan Buddhist monks. In as early as the 1500s, the pugs are introduced to Holland, France and England where these little dogs became choice companions for the royal families of these nations.

Even today, pugs are still very popular among pet owners. Their small size, adorable features and relatively low-maintenance are the reasons why many homes with limited real estate in Singapore own a pug.

However, they do require consistent care for their basic upkeep in order for this little household member to stay happy and in good health.

Pugs Love Grooming

Do you know that pugs actually enjoy being groomed? Yes, they do! It is another form of stroking and petting to them and they always love being the centre of attention.

Nevertheless, it is still important to have your puppy pug get used to being groomed at an early stage since adult pugs tend to be more sensitive about being touched, especially by strangers. The groomer should remain gentle and patient throughout the grooming session. It is best if the groomer can lavish the pug with lots of praises, encouragements and even a treat or two.

Basic Grooming Routine

Pugs love warm baths so that should be a good start to the grooming routine. When giving a bath to smaller animals, it is good practice to make sure their eyes are shielded before massaging a rich lather of mild shampoo onto their coats. Rinsing have to be done gently yet firmly.

Clean towels are needed for the drying process where the face, nose and ears are carefully cleaned.  It is a painstaking task to clear the wrinkles over the nose from dirt and debris with damp cotton pads or baby wipes. If the nose turns dry and crusty, a tiny dab of petroleum jelly should be applied to moisturise it. The eyes should be cleared of any build-ups of debris.

When the face is clean and fresh, the pug’s coat should be brushed. Then, use a guillotine nail-clipper to trim the nails on all four paws to a desirable length, making sure not to cut too deep. The routine  usually ends with teeth brushing using a canine toothpaste.

Importance Of Proper Maintenance

Brushing the coat with a soft bristle brush in the correct way helps to stimulate blood flow to the skin and to keep the fur coat smooth and radiant. It also provides an opportunity to check for any abnormalities on the skin such as sores, cysts, growths, lumps, cuts, parasites and even foreign particles.

When trimming the nails, there is another opportunity to check the pug’s feet for any splinter, grass seed or just any substance which has become embedded in the paw pad or in between the toes. Early detection of injuries or inflammation speeds up treatment and recovery, while preventing infections and other medical complications.

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