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Dreadlocks – A Blessing And A Curse

In Singapore, most of us have pets such as cats, dogs or rabbits. One of the most unique dog breeds is the Puli. It is a small-medium breed of Hungarian herding and livestock guarding dog. But what is special about it lies in its long, corded coat which is similar to dreadlocks.

Speaking of dreadlocks, we can already imagine the trouble that we have to go through while tending to its coat at home. If it is well cared for, it can be a blessing because it will look absolutely beautiful. However, it is a curse when the cords knot together due to poor care.

Common Problems

Coat health is important for a Puli. Sometimes there might be an excessive loss of hair due to over-scratching by a restless dog. Not only that, foul odour might arise if the coat is not dried properly and thoroughly. Some Pulis might also get fleas which should be tended to immediately. A serious problem arises when the cords mat together, causing your pet’s coat to look unappealing. At times, the cords might even break off!

Due to its unique coat and appearance, much effort has to be put into the grooming aspect so it can retain its marvellous appearance. Its fingernails also need constant trimming and clipping due to their fast growth. No doubt it is a tedious and time-consuming job for pet owners out there.

We want our pet to exhibit show dog quality appearance, hence turning heads when we walk our Puli on the streets, don’t we?

Grooming Your Puli

Don’t trust yourself with grooming your own Puli? Don’t have time on your hands for the whole tedious drying and bathing process? Scared that you might inflict pain on your dog when pulling apart the cords? Pet Grooming Xpert is here to help!

Grooming a Puli requires expertise, skills and patience. The whole process includes bathing, drying, coat trimming, nail clipping and ear cleaning. Nails have to be clipped so that your dog won’t feel uncomfortable when walking on smooth surfaces. Moreover, you need not worry that it might scratch someone else.

As for ear cleaning, ear waxes are cleaned out to prevent ear diseases. More importantly, your dog’s coat will be trimmed so that it won’t get too long. If it is too long, it may accumulate dust and urine as it sweeps across the ground.

Bathing And Drying

We cannot stress enough the importance of bathing and drying your Puli properly. Before bathing, mats in the coat are first removed and the cords are separated.

During bathing, diluted shampoo and a lot of water will be used for your Puli. This is because it is difficult to soak the corded coat thoroughly. Similarly, it takes a long time to rinse off those long cords.

After bathing, water is squeezed out as much as possible using our hands. Your Puli will then be covered with towels to absorb the moisture from its coat. Total drying is completed to prevent bacteria accumulating inside the cords, causing a smelly odour.

Lastly, your Puli will be placed in front of fans to finish the drying. The cords are then checked to make sure they are perfectly separated.

We Offer A Comfortable Experience

As mentioned above, caring for a Puli is not easy. You need skills, patience, experience and knowledge to perform proper and thorough grooming for your Puli.

This is where our loving team of pet groomers come in. Our patient team loves animals – be it dogs or cats. We treat every pet as if it were our own. Our professional groomers have undergone the required training to provide the best for your Puli. Furthermore, we want you and your pets to feel comfortable and satisfied. As separating cords may be painful for your Puli, we are careful and meticulous when doing so, thus making it a pain-free experience for your doggie.

Puli coats are precious and glorious. That is why we only use the best shampoo and products to tend to your Puli’s coat, retaining its natural oils and beauty. You will definitely be able to show your Puli off to your friends or even send it for show competitions!

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