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Rottweiler Grooming

Not So Bad-To-The-Bone

Almost everyone knows the Rottweiler. Famous (or rather, infamous) for its enormous strength and unbridled power, Rottweilers are best suited to be police, military or herding dogs because they have the brawn and aggression necessary for these types of jobs – so much so that they often become the innocent victims of laws that ban dangerous dogs.

Contrary to popular belief, a Rottweiler can be a gentle family dog and a loyal companion to adults and children alike, if given the right training, care and socialisation at a young age (it can be cat-friendly too!). Daily walks and obedience training are required to keep this powerful pet in shape, both physically and mentally.

Lean Machine

By no means a small dog, an adult Rottweiler weighs in at roughly 60 kilograms, of which a large portion are muscles. Affectionately called “Rotties” or “Rotts”, this breed of working dogs originated in Germany, where they were used to drive cattle to market and pull carts for farmers and butchers.

Distinguishable by its large head and devilishly handsome black-and-brown markings, this breed has a double coat whose length is longest on the hind thighs and shortest on the ears, head and legs. The topcoat is of medium length, straight and coarse – perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. The fine, velvety undercoat is of varying thickness and can be found on the neck and thighs.

In The Low-Maintenance Department

You’ll be glad to know that grooming a Rottweiler is quite easy as compared to other long-haired breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier or the Komondor. However, don’t think it is completely maintenance-free though. You’ll be surprised at how much hair your Rottweiler actually sheds, seeing his moderately short fur.

A weekly brushing is needed to remove dead hair and matts, and this is ideally done with a soft bristle brush. Give your dog a bath using gentle and moisturising pet shampoo as needed, weekly if possible. The problem with bathing your dog lies in its size – you can’t possibly get it into a tub! The solution is simple: use a walk-in shower instead.

Check ears regularly for any wax accumulation, and clean each ear using a vet-approved solution and new cotton balls. Remember to never use a cotton swab as it poses the risk of pushing the wax further down into your Rottie’s ear canal.

Even though your Rottweiler may spend a lot of time outdoors, it is important to trim each nail every fortnight. Brush its teeth regularly with a toothpaste specially made for animals to prevent gum diseases and bad breath.

Allergy Alert

Your dog may be susceptible to canine allergies as they are common among this breed. An allergy usually manifests in the skin, such as excessive itching, rashes and patches of hair loss. A good treatment for these skin irritations is a mild herbal spray to moisturise the skin. Consider sending your dog to a spa for a full-body treatment. You can find products and services like these at Pet Grooming Xpert.

Professional Grooming For A Handsome Dog

We at Pet Grooming Xpert specialise in giving pets an all-round treatment, ranging from basic grooming to a luxurious spa. The Rottweiler may be one of the easiest breeds to groom, but this is only true when you have complete control over this powerhouse. So let our professional groomers do the job and you can be a proud owner of a clean, strikingly gorgeous Rottweiler.

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