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Samoyed Grooming

The Smiling Sammie

There is one word which sums up this breed’s nature perfectly: playful. The Samoyed is a gentle, friendly and devoted family dog which loves nothing more than a good time. Its amiable demeanour will win the hearts of children and adults alike, and if raised with other animals, it will bond with them quite easily (yes, even with the cold, self-centred cat!).

But one caveat though – it barks incessantly, not exactly the most desired trait in a dog living in Singapore. This, however, does not mean it dislikes you. On the contrary, it barks because it sees a potential playmate, even though it may be a complete stranger.

Arctic Façade

Don’t mistake its cool, beautiful Arctic appearance for a useless ornament. The Samoyed is originally bred to herd reindeer, hence its classification as a working dog.

Its double coat provides ample heat insulation as well as weather resistance. The soft, fine undercoat does the former while the coarse, longer outer coat provides the latter. As beautiful as its white fluffy coat may be, grooming this halo of hair can be a nightmare as the Samoyed sheds quite a lot.

Keeping The Vanilla Ice-cream Smooth

While it is true that dogs of this breed are typically adept at grooming themselves, the responsible owner must ensure that the thick white coat is properly combed and free from dirt. A graduated comb with rotating teeth will be the optimal choice as it can glide through the hair easily.

Begin with the comb, then proceed to give it a good brushing using a pin brush with round-ended pins. This is important so as to not scratch your pet’s skin whilst brushing. Bathe your dog right after removing the shed hair, and then groom again once it is dry.

To achieve the standard fluffy look of a well-groomed Samoyed, just brush in the opposite direction to the lay of the coat at the end of the grooming session.

Some Final Touches For A Radiant Look

Although entirely optional, giving your Samoyed a trim to keep it clean and tidy is always welcome. Scissors must be used with the proper technique and meticulous care lest risking a nasty cut and a squirming dog.

First, start with trimming the hocks – the back of the hind legs, above the paws – to avoid matting and dirt. Proceed to trim long hair on the feet followed by the pads on the bottom of each foot. It is advised to trim the hair around your pet’s bottom for sanitary reasons.

Next, check the ears for dirt and if present, wipe with a cotton ball soaked with a pH-balanced ear cleaner. Every week or two, give the nails a quick trim.

It is a good idea to begin grooming when your Samoyed is not too old, so as to facilitate a smooth-going, healthy habit for the both of you.

Sounds Too Complicated?

Are you starting to think that caring for a Samoyed is quite a hassle? Worry not, we at Pet Grooming Xpert are here to help. We feature a variety of products and pet services, basic or otherwise, that tailor to your dog’s needs so that your pet will look and feel like a king 24/7.

Busy? We can arrange to pick up your pet for grooming, or you can even choose to engage our popular mobile pet grooming service – where our skilful groomer will groom your beloved Samoyed right at the comfort of your own home!

Our concerned groomers are also full of advice for you on cleaning and how to look after your Samoyed at home. Contact our friendly customer service, make an appointment and treat your pet dog to a pampering session today!


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