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Grooming your Scottish Terrier to perfection will allow people to shoot you looks of awe! Get it groomed properly by our trusted groomers as we know what suits it best.
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Scottish Terrier Grooming Singapore

Introducing Scottie

Most dogs need constant grooming, especially dog breeds such as the Scottish Terrier. The Scottish Terrier, also known as Scottie, is a feisty, independent and intelligent dog commonly found in Singapore.

This breed of small dogs originated in Scotland in the 1800s. The Scottie has a wiry outer coat, a soft dense undercoat and short, heavy legs. Furthermore, this compact terrier is known for its bearded muzzle and unique profile. On top of that, a lot of celebrities such as US President George W. Bush and Queen Victoria are known to have owned them.

Scotties exhibit bad reactions to flea bites and have been known to chew themselves bald. Thus, regular brushing and using a flea comb is highly recommended. Keep in mind that grooming your Scottish Terrier regularly is necessary to maintain its glorious appearance and good health.

Grooming Services

Scotties need to have their hair trimmed to accentuate their unique features. As each Scottie has its own unique body shape, trimming must be catered to fit that particular body shape. Thus, it can be noted that to groom a Scottie, experience, knowledge and skills are required.

Grooming a Scottie includes several aspects. Other than hair trimming, ear cleaning, bathing and drying, nail clipping is also done so that your pet does not hurt you or itself accidentally. With short nails, your dog will also feel more comfortable when walking on smooth surfaces.

During ear cleaning, signs of infection, irritation or wax build-up are identified. The ears are then cleansed with a cotton ball and a liquid cleanser.

Before bathing, cut away the matted hair first. Next, your dog is shampooed and rinsed. When the bathing routine is completed, your terrier is thoroughly dried and any knotted hair removed.

Hair Trimming

The most important aspect of Scottish Terrier grooming is hair trimming. As each Scottie has its own unique body shape, hair trimming is customised to accentuate its particular profile. Different shearing knives and scissors are thus needed for different parts of the body to achieve the best possible effect.

At the end of everything, the Scottie’s coat is combed and brushed until it looks as handsome as a show dog. Normally show dogs have to be brushed every day whereas pet dogs have to be brushed at least once per week.

Meet Our Pet Loving Groomers

Truly, grooming a Scottish Terrier is not an easy task. Furthermore, you may not have the time and equipment at home to give your dog the proper grooming it deserves. Fret not! Leave everything to Pet Grooming Xpert!

Our trusted specialists have undergone the required training to groom your dogs and puppies to perfection. It is our love for animals that encouraged us to enter this profession – to provide satisfaction to pets and pet owners everywhere. Rest assured that our patient and meticulous groomers will perform our tasks as carefully as possible such that your Scottie is pain-free throughout the entire grooming process.

Our dedicated pet groomers have worked with Scotties countless of times, hence you can be sure that your Scottie is in safe hands.

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Want your Scottie to look like a show dog? Want it to be clean, healthy and handsome? Book an appointment with us so that you can get appreciative wows from your friends when they look at your beloved Scottie. Hesitate no more. Bring him to our highly experienced and attentive groomers now!


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