Shiba Inu Grooming

True to its Japanese roots, the Shiba Inu is a loyal companion with an attitude. Taking care of its shedding isn’t easy. Let the true professionals help you at Pet Grooming Xpert.
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Shiba Inu Grooming

High Spirits Come In Small Sizes

As its name suggests, the Shiba Inu hails from the Land of the Rising Sun. Being the smallest of six spitz breeds from native Japan, it certainly holds its own when it comes to agility and grace. Its larger-than-life personality coupled with a well-above-average intelligence can endear the Shiba Inu to anyone’s heart.

They are extremely active dogs that love nothing but to spend their time with their owners, be it walking, hiking or simply playing. However, its bold nature has a downside – stubbornness – which can lead to aggression towards other dogs, food and even people. If you are the proud owner of this pint-sized thunderclap, your patience will be richly rewarded with much laughter, affection and companionship.

Canine Or Feline?

Fortunately, a Shiba Inu has the innate ability to clean itself, much like a cat. You can observe your dog doing some personal grooming whenever it is free. Potty training isn’t much of a hassle with this breed, thanks to their inborn hygiene preference. This is unimaginably helpful if you live in a shared home in Singapore.

But don’t mistake it for a feline friend just yet. Its small upright ears and compact, muscular frame are tell-tale signs of its ancient roots as a game flusher and the occasional wild boar hunter. It sports a thick double coat which can be one of three colour combinations: red, black and tan or red sesame.

Shedding Horrors

The good news first: a Shiba Inu’s coat does not require trimming. The bad news: it sheds its fur at an almost insane rate!

Don’t be alarmed if you see dog hair all over your floor and furniture, even after you have just cleaned them the day before. Thus it is a good idea to brush the coat as often as possible, once per week at the very least. Use proper grooming tools such as a de-shedding rake, a soft bristle brush and a metal comb to remove fallen hair and spread natural oils evenly.

Please keep in mind that you should introduce grooming practices to your Shiba as early as possible in order to accustomise him to being brushed and examined, thereby facilitating smooth grooming sessions in the future.

Seek Shower Specialists

Although bathing your Shiba by yourself isn’t so bad, you should consider sending your pet to a professional groomer every now and then. That is because a trained groomer knows the right technique to get the shampoo massaged deep into your dog’s coat. With the proper equipment in the form of a high-powered hand sprayer and blow dryer, hair can be loosened quickly and easily, leaving your beloved pooch feeling refreshed and sporting a handsome fox-like look.

We Can Do That And More

At Pet Grooming Xpert, we can perform the aforementioned tasks without breaking a sweat. Apart from that, we also provide basic pet care which is essential for good hygiene and general health, namely trimming nails, brushing teeth and inspecting ears for signs of infection or wax accumulation. You can choose from our broad range of products and services, or consult us for professional advice on how to take care of your pet properly.

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