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We at Pet Grooming Xpert, provide professional hair trimming, nail clipping, bathing and cleaning services for all breeds of guinea pigs in Singapore.
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Guinea Pig Grooming

Soft Sweet Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs make adorable pets. These small cute creatures are quiet but bright with a meek, docile nature. It provides an opportunity for the owner to be caring, protective and gentle towards them. Teaching them tricks are possible since they are intelligent and can form emotional bonds with their human owners, just like cats and dogs.

Many people get guinea pigs as pets because they are relatively inexpensive and need very little space. They make almost no mess. It is the perfect pet for small houses, apartments or even dormitory rooms.

Guinea pigs are easily entertained at home and their diets are completely vegan. They can live up to 8 years or more if being cared for properly. Generally, guinea pigs do not require special day to day care but basic grooming is still important, especially for species with longer hair.

Bathing & Cleaning

We bathe guinea pigs using a specially formulated shampoo which prevents the premature drying of their delicate skin. A bath thoroughly cleans the animal and helps to get rid of lice effectively.

However, to these tiny guinea pigs, bathing is stressful for them, so extra care and effort must be taken to ensure that they are not overly stressed. Getting water into their ears is a big no-no. Instead, clean the ears separately using mineral oil and a soft cloth wrapped around your finger. Guinea pigs also have active grease glands at the area above their tail or where a tail would be that needs periodic cleaning.

Hair Trimming

Long haired guinea pig breeds such as the Angora Guinea Pigs, the Peruvian Guinea Pigs and the Texel Guinea Pigs are so adorable that they can melt the hearts of even the toughest men.

However, these long haired cavies tend to overheat easily. Especially when they are outdoors playing in the sun or when they have been left in a room with poor air circulation.  A trimming session will keep their hair at a comfortable length, which will help them see better, stay cooler, stay dry and appear less shaggy.

Nails Trimming

Although tiny, the nails of a guinea pig can eventually grow too long, to the extent of hurting itself and causing serious injuries. The nails must be trimmed but it is a very tricky process, particularly for new owners, because guinea pigs are known to wriggle a lot. A cut too deep will tear its tiny blood vessels, making the little guinea pig feel pain and bleed. If you feel that you could not handle all the squirming while clipping its nails at the same time, then it is best to send your guinea pigs to have their nails professionally trimmed.

Groom Your Guinea Pigs At Pet Grooming Xpert

At Pet Grooming Xpert, we provide professional hair trimming, nails clipping, bathing and cleaning services for all breeds of guinea pigs in Singapore. We trim the hair on your guinea pigs with care, even the hair around the anus which is responsible for soaking up urine and causing foul odour and bacterial infection, such as urinary tract infection.

Here, we have all the right products and tools to bath and trim your pets’ hair and nails. We even provide extra services such as hair brushing with a soft baby brush that will help remove the loose hair and lessen shedding. Your guinea pigs will surely be pampered by our skilful and professional groomers.

For healthy and happy guinea pigs, make an appointment with our friendly customer service now. Contact us via email, or call us to book your dates. Let your beloved pets indulge in a pampering session with us soon!

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