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Abyssinian Guinea Pig Grooming

Despite having so many breeds of guinea pigs in the market, it is pretty easy to differentiate the Abyssinian guinea pig from the rest. Just look out for the ones which constantly look like they have just woken up from a nap with their cow licked hairstyle!

Given its name – the Abyssinian Guinea Pig (Aby), it definitely makes sense for one to automatically link its origin to Abyssinia, a historic region which is more commonly known as Ethiopia today. But that is not the case. In fact, all guinea pigs actually came from South America, dating back to 5000 BC. They were then brought back to Europe in the 1500s after being discovered by the Spanish.

It was said that the first Abys landed in Europe in the 16th Century and are considered one of the oldest guinea pig species. With their lovable looks and ever so bubbly personality, they became instant hits among the wealthy families who keep them as exotic pets.

Then, somehow, someone, somewhere in England decided to name it the Abyssinian because animals with glamorous names tend to be more popular and they sound more expensive too.

Guns N’ Rosettes

Well, the Abys do not exactly look like rock singers. There are more resemblances between the band and the Shelties (go search it up!). But no doubt the Abys do look like rock stars themselves with their amazing rosettes.

The hair on the Abyssinians is dense and coarse with roughly 6 to 8 rosettes covering their whole body except their heads and bellies. Abys with 8 or 10 rosettes would make the perfect show guinea pigs and stand a higher chance of winning compared to those with fewer rosettes. It is quite interesting that genetically, the rosettes will be formed symmetrically, thus they come in even numbers! At least one rosette would appear at each side of the shoulder, one or two pairs along the back, and another pair on each side of the hips.

The Troublemakers’ Diet

With their handsome rosettes, Abys make great ice-breakers. They are such energetic fluff balls, get along with practically anyone, making them extremely approachable. Their mischievous personality also makes them natural troublemakers – lovable ones, of course.

Their diet does not differ from the other guinea pigs. A generous amount of Timothy Hay, fresh fruits and vegetables make a healthy and happy guinea pig. Like the other breeds, they are also prone to scurvy because they cannot produce Vitamin C in their bodies.  So remember their daily dose of fruits and greens! They are also slightly more vulnerable to eye problems, therefore try to avoid sawdust bedding.

Rosettes On Point

The Abyssinians might not be ideal for children or first timers as they need more grooming compared to the easy-to-maintain breeds like the American Guinea Pig. It is advisable to brush them at least once a day to prevent tangles, as the tangles can make them uncomfortable. Given their active personality, they will be roaming outdoors very often if granted the permission.

Start the brushing from young, so that they would learn to enjoy the process. This could also act as bonding time for you and your Aby. Or else, you can always drop your fur-ball with the professional groomers at Pet Grooming Xpert.

Other than brushing the rosettes so that they are always on point and presentable, we can also bathe your fur-ball for you. Guinea pigs do not usually need much bathing, the Abyssinian included. But considering the fact that their hair gets tangled up easily, hence very likely to collect dust and debris, it is a better idea to get them bathed regularly. We understand that they do not like baths, but rest assured that we are a team of dedicated animal lovers who will try our best to make sure that they are comfortable with their wash up.

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Besides grooming services, we also provide day care service for your beloved pet. In addition, to cater to your busy lifestyle, we offer mobile guinea pig grooming services – right at your doorstep!

No guinea pig likes to be alone for a long time. They all need a lot of love, care and attention from their owners. So hesitate no more! Give us a call or email us to book an appointment for your beloved Aby today!

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