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Guinea pigs are social animals that love interacting with humans and their own kind. Send them over to us Pet Grooming Xpert during your busy days to keep them happy.
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Guinea Pig Daycare

Guinea pigs, unlike what their name may suggest, actually originated from South America (and not Papua New Guinea!). Because of their endearing nature and adorable looks, they were once popular exotic pets to wealthy families. In fact, before they became a common household rodent pet in today’s world, they were so valuable that only the rich could afford them.

Guinea Pig 101 – Ideal Pet

With their gentle behaviour, there is no doubt that guinea pigs make great pets, especially for households with children.  Also known as cavies, they are easy to take care of, thus making them suitable for children to learn how to care for a pet. Cavies also make good companions as they love interacting with their owners, occasionally cooing when being patted or fed. However, being a herbivore and situated so low in the food chain, it is mandatory to keep them away from other pets such as cats and dogs.

Comfy Home

Guinea pigs need a fairly spacious area to move and dig around because they are active rodents. The bare minimum floor space per cavy should be 25 cm by 50 cm. As guinea pigs have tender feet, the floor of the cage should be solid plastic instead of mesh and wire to avoid discomfort to their delicate feet. A mere 25 cm tall wall should work just fine as jumping high and climbing are not their forte. A poorly ventilated enclosure should be avoided, especially in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

As the cavies love to dig, proper beddings should be 1 to 2 inches deep and made of high-quality shredded paper or hardwood shavings. These loose bedding can, however, be kicked around easily and soaked with urine and leftover vegetables. Therefore, owners are encouraged to change the bedding daily to ensure a clean and healthy environment for the rodents.

Pine and cedar chips and saw dust, on the other hand, should be avoided. The inhalation of oils from the pine and cedar chips, and saw dust can be detrimental to the cavies’ respiratory system. Due to their constantly growing teeth, it is also extremely important to make sure that everything within their reach is toxic free since they chew on practically anything.

Guinea Pigs’ Fairy Godmother

Having a pet requires a lot of commitment. Guinea pigs are social animals and thus require a lot of love, care and attention. Lack of interaction will only make them sad and less active. Unless you can devote your precious time to them, it is usually encouraged to get a pair so that they can keep each other company.

Even if you still insist on getting one, we’ve got your back. As a one stop pet grooming service provider, we at Pet Grooming Xpert understand your worries for your pet’s welfare, especially when you go overseas for vacations or work trips. We even get your dilemma of still wanting a pet despite your busy work schedule. Worry no more as you can now drop your piggies at our guinea pig day care.

Greens, Fruits And All Things Hay

By dropping them off with us, we will ensure that they are well fed with their greens and fruits alongside with a lot of hay for a healthy balanced diet. We will ensure that they indulge in an abundance of high-quality hay, such as Timothy Hay. The fruits and vegetables served will also be guaranteed fresh. In addition to these, we have grains like honey oats and wholemeal bread to broaden the food selection for your beloved guinea pigs. We even offer meal customisation if your guinea pigs are choosy or if you prefer them to be on a specific diet.

We Clean, We Brush And We Trim

Guinea pigs, staying clean most of the time, rarely need baths. But nothing beats having a cool bath to stay comfortable on a hot day, especially when you are in Singapore.

We will also make sure that your pigs look their best upon pick up – the Abyssinians looking smart with their neat rosettes, and the Peruvians gorgeous with their locks smooth and flowy.

You can leave the once-a-month-nail-trimming duties to us as well.

A Taste Of Freedom

Considering the fact that a lot of Singaporeans live in high-rise HDB flats, condominiums and apartments, guinea pigs are usually stripped of their freedom to roam on grass. Hence, we aim to provide them with the luxury of running on grass by setting up a protected and shaded outdoor area for them to roam freely. There will be hidey huts for them to rest and play in, plenty of water to stay hydrated and unlimited grass to graze on. Of course, your concern is our top priority and we will only bring your pet out given your permission.

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