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Peruvian Guinea Pig Grooming Singapore

The Peruvian guinea pigs’ history goes a long way back to 5000 BC, when their ancestors were first discovered in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. In fact, all guinea pigs originated from South America. The Peruvian, being one of the oldest breeds, was acknowledged by the American Cavy Breeders along with two other original breeds.

Nope, Not A Silkie

Gifted with beautiful long locks which make them the Rapunzel of the guinea pig kingdom, many might mistake them as the Silkie Guinea Pig as both breeds have long hair. While the hair of the Silkie sweeps back and goes over its head, the Peruvians have theirs split at the top of their head and then parted along the spine.

The longest hair ever recorded on a Peruvian guinea pig is 20 inches, falling majestically on both sides like a waterfall, sweeping the floor. But the long hair only grows at the top. The bottom layer usually never exceed 7 inches long.

The Peruvians come in several different colours. Solid colours or Self, and bicolour Peruvians are more common in the market. Tricolour, agouti and marked, on the other hand, are rarer and harder to come across. While some of the guinea pigs today are cross bred or a result of mutation like the Texel guinea pig and the Skinny guinea pig, the Peruvian, as mentioned above is one of the oldest breeds which remains unique. They are larger in size compared to the rest, with unusually small heads. They also have a higher level of curiosity and alertness too!

Basic Care For Your Peruvian

Their diet does not differ much from other guinea pigs. They depend a lot on Timothy Hay and require an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables to supply them with Vitamin C, which their body cannot produce otherwise. One thing to take note, however, is the risk of a fly strike due to their long hair. So, be sure to groom their hair every day and check for fly eggs in the process.

Handle With Care

The Peruvian is a work of art. It is so pretty to look at, but its beauty comes at a price. It requires a lot of grooming and maintenance, and is therefore not recommended for beginners.

Their hair usually drags across any surfaces that they roam, collecting dust and dirt like a broom. Thus, it is important to keep their cages clean at all times and to check for soiling, especially their rear ends to ensure a clean bottom. You can always tie their hair up too, particularly hair around their head/face so it does not irritate their eyes.

Long hair also calls for daily brushings to untangle any knots that will lead to matting which can be very uncomfortable for your fur-balls. If you have that extra teeny bit of time, it is recommended to brush them twice a day. Please note that even though guinea pigs are self-cleaning animals, they are helpless when it comes to that extremely long hair.

A soft brush can be used for daily grooming. For tangled hair, hold the hair and brush the tangled ends first, then slowly move towards the top part. Be sure to be gentle and start the brushing from young, because guinea pigs dislike this process.

Your Peruvian Beauty Salon

If you happen to have a long day at work or just so happen to be hit by a lazy bug, you can always send your Peruvians to us at Pet Grooming Xpert. Apart from our guinea pig day care services, we also provide grooming services for Peruvian guinea pigs.  We will help you brush and bathe your Peruvians, the latter being very important because of their long hair.

Our package also includes hair trimming and nail clipping services. Some of you might want to keep their hair short and neat, so we have a team of experts to take care of it for you. If you want to doll up your Peruvians, we even have a range of adorable and cute hair styles for you to choose from, making them Instagram-worthy.

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