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The Texel guinea pig, also called the long-haired Sheltie, needs daily brushings to remove any tangles and dirt caught in its long curly hair!
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Texel Guinea Pig Grooming Singapore

Today, guinea pigs are taking the internet by storm with their fluffy cuteness. Who would not be charmed by these fuzzy potatoes? They even have their own social media accounts!

There are many breeds of guinea pigs out there. All originated from South America and then sailed to Europe. They were so unique back then that even Queen Elizabeth I owned one. In fact, she actually started the trend, because soon enough, the guinea pig became an adored exotic pet which could only be afforded by the rich.

Unlike the original guinea pigs like the Peruvian and the Abyssinian which got their early recognition from the American Cavy Breeders Association, the Texel guinea pig is a newer breed, along with the Skinny Pig and the Teddy. These newer breeds came in a little later in the 1980s from England.


The Texel is considered one of the most successful species of cross-bred guinea pigs. They have their whole bodies covered with curly soft hair, even their bellies. Every guinea pig is stunning in its own way, and the Texel looks just like Goldilocks in the guinea pig world. Well, this could be due to genetics – they were cross bred from the Silkie and the Rex. Because of their long curly hair, they are also known as the long-haired Shelties.

The Texel’s body is shorter than the other breeds and it also has a wide and round head. Although its entire body is covered with its trademark curly long hair, it does not necessarily apply to the facial hair. It’s facial hair is normally shorter to prevent it from suffocating in its own coat.

Vitamin C

Since guinea pigs cannot produce Vitamin C in their bodies on their own, it is vital to make sure that they get their daily dose of Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables. Timothy Hay is a major part of their diet as well, so remember to provide them with an abundance of it.

Guinea pigs, in general, are pretty active rodents, thus their cages have to be fairly big so that they get enough space to move around.

Tame That Mane

The Texels are such satisfying guinea pigs to look at, but please do note that with such long curly hair, they require a lot of grooming as well.

Their curly long hair needs extensive care to stay tidy, therefore daily brushings are a must. Guinea pigs do not like brushings in general, hence it is important to be extremely gentle and use soft brushes. Brushings should start from young so that they get used to the routine and learn to enjoy the process.

Grooming Your Texel Professionally

At Pet Grooming Xpert, you can send your Texels to us for hair trimmings and nail clippings. While nail clippings only need to be done once a month, hair trimming should be done more regularly to maintain good hygiene. Their curly long hair will accumulate more dust and dirt than the short-haired breeds. Additionally, their backsides need the most trimming so that the long hair does not soak up their own urine.

Every visit to us is also complemented with a bath session for your guinea pig because we think that bathing is a basic essential care for your Texel. Even though guinea pigs do not necessarily need baths because they self-clean, it is always a good idea to bathe your Texels frequently due to the nature of their hair. Our professional groomers will help you check their ears for earwax build up too since they are covered by their own hair all the time.

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