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Hamster Care Singapore

Hamsters come in a variety of sizes and breed types. Among the more popular breeds being kept as household pets are the Syrian, Dwarf Campbells Russian and the Roborovski. Despite their small size, taking care of hamsters may not be as easy as it seems. They can be quite nippy at times and also susceptible to injury if they’re handled improperly.

One interesting fact about a hamster’s teeth is that they never stop growing, but they do wear down over time as they gnaw on food or other objects. Hamsters are also nocturnal, which means that you’ll find them most active during nightfall rather than in the day.

Understanding Their Needs

Having a hamster as a pet in your home can be a very rewarding experience, but it also requires your commitment and responsibility in caring for its well-being. You have to understand your hamsters well and cater to their needs such as food, health, living environment and so on.

The cage for their habitat should be large enough to explore while being equipped with an exercise wheel for your hamsters to play with when they get bored. As for their bedding, always opt for plant-based paper fibres for the sake of your hamsters’ health.

A Healthy Diet Is Essential

Preparing a healthy, balanced diet for your hamsters is essential for them to thrive and stay healthy. They eat just about anything so you can keep them well-fed with a mixture of seeds, fruits, vegetables and grains. Even so, there are vegetables that should be avoided such as onion, garlic, leek, lettuce and raw potatoes. Sweet fruits should be kept at a minimum in their diet as hamsters are prone to diabetes.

Overfeeding your hamsters is a definite no-no as they are notorious hoarders. So don’t be surprised to find piles of mouldy leftovers if you put too much food in their bowl. A constant supply of fresh water should also be made available to keep your hamsters hydrated always.

Hamsters Are Avid Self-Groomers

Hamsters are known to be avid self-groomers – you can always catch them washing their faces and cleaning out their ears with their feet. This is usually enough to keep themselves clean but if your hamster has long fur, you’d probably need to brush it once in a while with a soft brush to prevent matting.

As for bathing them: it is not advisable to bathe hamsters as it would remove the protective layers of oil from their coats which keep them warm.

Get It All At Pet Grooming Xpert

Hamster care is complex by itself and you can certainly do with some help in taking care of your hamsters. Pet Grooming Xpert is one of the most reputable pet shops in Singapore, where we pride ourselves in providing first-class service to all our customers. We have vast experience in handling all sorts of household pets and you can bet we have all the supplies that you may need for your hamsters.

We also provide professional hamster grooming services should you wish to get all your hamster’s grooming sorted out. So call us or pay us a visit and our friendly staff will do their utmost best to make sure your hamster is well taken care of.


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